Spongebob House Tour In Real Life! Nickelodeon Suites Resort Pineapple Villa In Punta Cana

Then it got it’s there do you want to show me kids room alright they want to show this all right so this is our bed king-size bed yeah yeah so we got on this little chair yeah everything is under the seat because like we said this is SpongeBob’s house so we got this on.

The wall we got this babe this looks like.

Jellyfish she knows Patrick Patrick look at here did you shut him out here our little garden yeah yeah I saw it on the car and.

I was out there okay see from our room right here yeah so we got another little sea shell chair got another lamp so everything is like um the Nickelodeon colors because we are in the Nickelodeon Resort so this is our closet we got two robes we gotta save those dark put some of this stuff up so um this.

Is my closet oh we got an ironing board and all you know we’re gonna be ironing so look at these mirrors I love how they look like you know under the sea things so we got two sinks his-and-hers I got some of my stuff over here.

Don’t mind that we got this little bench right here so we got this right here and then look what we got out here look what we got out here we got look we got a tub out here warehouse we got a shower outdoor shower this shower kind of remind me of Honduras remember to outdoor shower thunders so this is a little passageway out here are.

So that was this outside Oh.

Union showing the arm tell us the shower of me.

Well let’s show you our shower it’s so nice you guys for this alright sure this is the toilet you gotta push button it.

That’s it yeah push to flush oh it’s so cute and then um this is the shower we.

Got another walking shot so we got a shower right here and.

Then we got a shower outside and a tub outside so we got options we live we live yeah let’s have the kids show y’all their room I have to tell you we gotta tell y’all y’all alright so we finally got the kids to come out of the pool now let’s show you guys the view from downstairs this is also obey and tell them.

A cool thing about this house there is only one of these houses is on one pitch this wife had it man we all got to dive in this house in the tour – man that’s it you feel me but this is the kids room they hide it I wonder where could.

It be where did it day be hey guys this is um the kids room they kind of like messed up the bedding.

Oh okay okay you get it bring them nowhere all right you guys so this is the is bed it’s so cute they got this right here they got a phone and they got these are lights these are their lights and then they have this right here but this is this is DJ’s bed and DJ’s been.

Eating his little snacks in here and it looks and it looks they got a TV and then they got their own like um little closet.

– with their robe look at their spongebob robes look how cute is that.

Got your little shoes – awesome it is this is their bathroom.

This is their sink the little mirror and then this is their shower and this is not true yeah we don’t have to tell you to take a bath because you should know where’s the I outgoing I have friends okay someone’s out here yeah and you guys this room we get our own Butler did.