Spongebob House Tour In Real Life! Nickelodeon Suites Resort Pineapple Villa In Punta Cana

Me inside beautiful oh yeah I finished show me what you got out here what’s going on because I know this is like your little hangout spot alright so can you let me up the steps real quick I need I need to walk up the steps you know so yeah passcode is pineapple Express are you not having fun today are so you’re not having fun today though unicorn our unicorn alright guys so we got the steps just that.

Watch the step oh man it’s a nice garden you got over here girlie no I have no idea I don’t really know how to characters yeah so this way yeah I was relaxing that this is like we have the.

Umbrella to protect us on the Sun and then this.

Is just that is hot here it’s hot here you guys but yeah this is the pool we got so we get to go swimming whenever we want to we’ve got to go to the waterpark soon we’re gonna show you how that too but anyway so yeah yeah oh.

Yeah you got your shoes right girlie so we bout to go inside and we’re still missing a DJ and we’re missing bait so you’re gonna stay out here alright so she’s gonna stay out here and get her suntan on and I’m gonna take you guys inside the trip.

Man so this so after you come out.

From this room right here off to your right you got this hallway you got nice glass doors see two doors you feel me we had this little section over here snack attack oh we get all this guys you eat whatever we.

Want you got that got some stuff here all right so who’s over here or what’s this I don’t even know what this is okay just more pillow stuff little bit more stores over here is off a bathroom I guess the guest bathroom I guess oh what’s that okay that’s pretty cool right there you got a shower.

Nice little shower and you got a his-and-her bindi see you did all right so big what are you at bay DJ all right so we got Bay right here spinning DJ around what’s that boy all right so what we got over here babe all right so I don’t know if you showed them this right here you show them that okay yeah I still outside so okay just don’t don’t go in the water.

Don’t go in the water without us okay love you guys yeah having fun okay so we gonna go to the water park after yeah and if we’re going to go to the slime thing – so you guys we have so much fun things to do today but um we just want to give you.

A quick house tour look at this little nice the zoo every time I saw anything back on feel like we underwater so we got a little table we could eat like our breakfast or our room service and it look look how cool is this no because when I sat in it I don’t want to break it so this.

Is like um a couch but we just got it as a bed right now the kids just been chilling here and then we got a.

TV right here for them really how do what you see is a so you call has some music going throughout the whole.

House don’t get krump a little bit we got some doors being shown that door by the side yeah so it’s a door you could put right there to separate and then we got this little thing right here so nice we are literally living under the seat look at this chandelier and look at upstairs so what I love about this room it’s not even a room.