Spongebob House Tour In Real Life! Nickelodeon Suites Resort Pineapple Villa In Punta Cana

Yeah they made me smile I’m always Hickey with my friends they always show me love cause it’s my family my family can we go we go inspire you go hard can we go hard for the family morning patent game everybody start a new vlog man today’s the day we are heading out of here and where we are taking.

Our family vacation trip I got the rest of the squad squiddy squad over here hey babe morning Yaya sup big boy what you doing no way good luck you China okay pretty cool.
Y’all coming down with a higher think this dance move it anyways you guys.

I just wanna thank you guys man I.

Hope you guys think I mean y’all.

Wake up be blessed we are blessed you guys are blessed Thanks thankful and I got the suitcases out here it is look at all this suitcase man but.

House up thank you babe we’re cleaning.

Up the house they clean this house up pretty good let me just make sure everything is safe and sound the kitchen’s good and I were so excited about this treatment or snowy’s at my grandma well that my grandmother kids grandma’s.

House she’s at my mom’s house alright guys so we made it we even though they have valet parking here man all this time well I gotta get together this unit yeah you can’t push – all right we’re struggling over here y’all we need some.
Help do they push Lady Jaye get the small one hey yeah you take.

This one all you gotta do is push it I let’s go I read em aren’t you guys so we’re on the plane looking at DJ over there we had to pay for.

The even more space just to get a little bit more legroom based on our set up the wireless headphones for their kids so they could listen to music there you nervous.

Thought about you ready but pretty on Halloween type of images so I wrote her now let’s see Swank’s keep a little.

Bit yeah big boy Vijay yeah patent you here thank you all right guys so we just made it to our hotel the day it was sleeping yeah yeah yeah I was cific come on Big Boy let’s go one DJ all right guys we bout to go check into our Nickelodeon what a.

Pension game and support Donna and right now I’m about to show y’all a little room tour in Punta Cana man either he’s about to go down as the living room but to show you the outside real quick and it’s called infinity and that’s where we’re staying it you guys there’s only one of these rooms here that’s it and it’s our room – lets get inside man and see what this thing is well if we got this.

Little wristband is how we open the door we actually got like a doorbell to life I’m gonna just sneak in and on them see what they do it you feel me so as you walk in this is what you see you got a seat by head.

This is the ceiling it’s a nice blue spongebob his little room so yeah man look at the toys all right so let’s see what else we got home sweet pineapple all right man so we walking in oh man we got this pool right man what the who’s that yaaaaa girl what you doing out.

Here so you’re gonna show us this backyard so this is got a little rock pool thing actually girl tell me what’s going on over here oh look at this door yeah yeah yeah yes an icicle okay yeah I see this hold it dumping the water.