Episode 11 Luke Royal (george Weah's Cousin) | The Sportsman #perfect10 Show

We still know captain any played Chelsea the weekend so I had still had mana in it as well so I’m doing alright but I just need to stay on top of it and still come by milk poor bunny you’ve got a prettier popularly chose a bit but yeah eighty-six people in I.

Leave all paid 20 quid think normally do her money to him on the 50 quid first 30 quid the second and then at the end like winner normally check for 500 quid and a second third and fourth very differently third third / fourth can’t remember look after luck as that.

Played last night but I know he didn’t do shit so probably I’m probably fourth is Anton in that league aussi yet I think you in the law really right let’s finish with the perfect and of course you can win 10,000 pounds quick link in the comments below and have a go playing the game Luke you’re in the spotlight we’ve got some good fixtures this week let’s just go through them you can say who thinks gonna win.

Let’s kick off with Brighton V wolves and drawn out on the fence fulham who got humped by.

Cardiff didn’t they they’re playing Bournemouth I almost sat oh it’s a terrible game rip up your ticket are you into this sell them somebody new custom draw he loves it that fence just so many teams are that yeah just Bolton V hull.

That’s for the worst championship game you could have picked up football Bolton home win Bristol City be stoked I’ll be a bit of a better game I think Norwich V Brentford two teams are fine at the top we played Bremen a few weeks ago and I said after it could it be as Technol literally was that don’t manage it all and then they’ve not long for seven games since so I.

Got Norwich Norwich a window Coventry V Doncaster made into the perfect sin they’re right I’ll take points be fair or a bit of a derby a Fleetwood V.

Blackhawk filed co-star be Fleetwood win Oxford be Shrewsbury Oxford and we’ll finish up with Rochdale V Charlton.

Charlie win that was Luke’s perfect em we’ll catch.

Up and see how you did on the leaderboard I believe the top score so far is five or so there’s a few people who would have got fired I think we’ll get the lead of all up.

Get the leaderboard up you can have a look Ryan from the club the golf Expo Pete can you reveal which team Wigan locks out of the.

FA Cup knocked out of the FA Cup fifth round.

Last you know Wigan will grade of the.

Ticks come on you caught in one city will pick a winner and you can win this Wigan show show we’ll see you next week thanks a lot guys thanks for watching guys make sure you subscribe below and ding.

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