Episode 11 Luke Royal (george Weah's Cousin) | The Sportsman #perfect10 Show

No no your words were him and public and I don’t care they were the words in the office there were witnesses.

The situation is just totally irreversible I think when we were tuna delegates Newcastle watching that half it just looked absolutely shambolic like what was going on I think C is very back in that much but I think that 3t no one expected it and never sort of plays with the dinosaurs.

My favorite in the pregnant you’ve got to do that so for me at this point I think one of the top three managers in the world I don’t think you can just never end up like what do.

We make of his passion passion at the end of the Chelsea game I do I think the Chelsea coach was out of order but you know I’ve seen Mourinho do worse on the touch line so don’t think you should be giving it words it’s one of them any of these are odd you know hold me back call me back eight man what’s your Mourinho and it’s a difficult one because that said the other day someone that I think he’s not.

The solution to you know it’s a problem but I don’t know so I think firing him is I right just.

Only because I don’t think there’s anybody out there at the minute that you’d say over than navies he done you know he’d been improving ball personally I don’t see it we’re looking under him I think this I think is too much there that just doesn’t doesn’t fit I don’t.

Think he gets a lot think he fits United I.

The players fit Mourinho a lot of in Marini off it’s the players and they’re just too much there for me a big week this week’s gonna be.

Big you know it’s almost every game for him now it’s like Sunnis gets about result you can see that all the negatives he’s gonna come back and that’s that’s my only concern with it is like yeah we we played really well against Chelsea and we were so unlucky not to win I think but if we go play Everton in a week’s time whatever ever lose that power James and he’s never taught me to come back again.

On him I think means I know a lot United funds and what I often test them especially the minute is you know yeah I think it’s seven points off it yeah that’s.

The big five and you look at all.

That sauce Spurs Liverpool Arsenal see Chelsea they’re all doing better but they all play much better football and it’s probably coming from someone who doesn’t support a team that’s playing for silverware every it’s why I look at football a bit differently but you know if I’m paying.

Forward fifty quid a ticket or whatever it is I at least want to be entertained and I think if.

He’s not entertaining he’s not getting points trying to improve the start yeah I just don’t.

Think at that point quite breast cancer about in any way I think the Chelsea each sector path was really impressive because.

I think we were playing well I think we look good to watch you know she’s come so that could be day for one.

Yeah a nice long strap back use that go forward the other choice you’ve got the problem is with that.

Is this is like me try not to be biased but it seems that United only come out spy in.

The second half well missus what was the lose.

No as if if they came out and did it for the whole game and the wouldn’t really be an issue if you weren’t getting the results yeah it’s just like if you go one nil ahead and that’s it you won’t go from all you just seem to be there alright okay yeah we’ll take the win I mean talking about the referendum I thought is really interesting and we’d be moderating on the site.

If you go the website looking pop you can see it massive swinging the boats just after the Chelsea game like beforehand I think it was 65% denied fans are saying out and the website we kind of fled the boats after that game and now we’re on about I think it’s 52 you in favor if they so it’d been there before.

I think I think it’s Lucy everyday now.

Is just like their people’s opinions just split like that there’s no football pure frustration in his face there was so much pressure so before we get everyone’s.

Vote around the table I think we’d like to say Jamie Carragher ‘z analysis of that situation at full time we’re full you know to play it the cool shouldn’t even be on the pitch it’s not even on our.

Than the policy area so what did you do in there anyone else if we were friends we’ve been thrown out on the ground well many know for the last.

Ship in the last few days the last thing he needs is this mosh screaming in his face very good very good Harris get low get those lads out and we’ll do a little vote and put it in the ballot box so Harris I think we.

Know how you’re gonna vote if you could just give it give it to us in a sentence why you’re gonna vote the way you’re voting to.

Remain how are you I’m voting to remain and why.

Well because Simon my dear friend Josie Moreno has turned Manchester United into a laughingstock in my opinion and I’m enjoying every second of it while I come know they’re going on about how much an improvement they had they.

God win against Newcastle they do against Chelsea and they’re up to the dizzying heights in the.

Premier League of 10th y’all say you know there we go.

That’s what josie marino five-year contracts and then hopefully we’ll see manchester you know it’s a football club Luke how are you voting rather I’m going to leave on the basis of long term I don’t think it fits.

And his main issue seems to be Ivan odd this Omaha Moni fur he weight spent 75 9 on Maguire don’t think he too made that much of a difference in it I think transfers like Fred this summer again ok 50 odd million and he’s not playing and yeah there is a there.

Is a debate especially pies are Sanchez oh yeah I think long-term I just don’t make me fit so if you could mark your paper and pop it in the ballot box oh sorry we’ll move on and go in with him in I don’t think there’s.

Like you said who else is out there I think the talk of Z down may be coming in it’s a big big gamble for just a name for me Real Madrid have come out this week and whether it’s a rumor or what they want him so that’s got to tell.

You something on it I think this time and it’s still very early in the season so I think remain domain that’s three for a me know I am gonna agree with.

Luke and I’m gonna say leave I just don’t think.

It’s going to work out I think I’ll completely agree with you I think I actually quite like jay-z marina as a manager elsewhere but I don’t gets quite worked out I think I genuinely think if the dam was in charge of.

That team of those towns then there be scoring so many more goals and.

Playing such a lot barefoot but I don’t yeah I do.

Ossie knife and I don’t get the idea of thank you so much tactics where sometimes it’s quite a negative if I had those.

Defenders that you’ve got and half of the mad shit idiots basically yeah I I don’t get why invites pressure onto them didn’t mean like why are you parks a boss when you’ve got small Harris has gone for leave now if you want your say in the Manchester.

Referendum go on the sportsman calm forward slash Manchester referendum and you.

Can have your vote it’s pretty close very close the link in the description.

If you want to vote directly right let’s move on to the predictions and there’s some big news this week guys.

Harris’s guys first boy Darby beat Shepard United Harris said it Congrats one point on the ball how does it feel to not be a failure alright well let’s see that’s true Pete you’ve also got a chance to leapfrog Anton yes I missed a few shows this year so I’m still working my way back into the fold I’ll be there at the end of.

The season right this weekend’s game is Spurs V Man City so P I think I know which way you’re gonna go Monday Night Football should be a cracker Harris if you could kick.

His off if you’re so confident what’s gonna happen drop he first of all I’d say spares are absolutely shambolic for makin is playing on a monday didn’t read from nanny of.

It at Wembley not playing their own stadium didn’t refund any of our supporters for a ticket on the Sunday or any in the tunnel disgraceful on that last season we absolutely suge them we’re gonna do it again this year.

For one two City up the Blues go on lads and Luke what do you make of that I’m gonna go to on.

See I think Spurs are quietly doing very well at the minute bought I think with a Liverpool and Chelsea ball star being on beam I think that actually helps.

Know I think they’re probably a bit more on the ball and we’ve got the Brian about millions of massively another city win or university or to know can’t see any other result to be honest which thinks it’s here on fire it minute fiery one also knees got gold in them.

Good at back to no saben oh yeah I think so you’re gonna win this one about okay three nil City I just think there’s for me there’s a top three in the Premier League now in Chelsea Liverpool City sit here probably the top of them and there’s a three or two underneath at the moment in Taunton tomorrow Sudan and then you know then there’s another then there’s a four which is like Everton Watford Leicester.

And wolves and then there’s attorney there’s a 10 yeah well none.

Of us are back in a Spurs win they even though they’re at home and playing pretty well we’ve all gone to city apart from heiress he’s gone for a draw and we’ll catch up with that next week Pete you’re in the spotlight and you want to introduce your.

Treat you the way you can sit we roll the jingle please it’s Pete’s tweet of the week right so so my first tweet is actually an Instagram post of the week it comes from.

Our resident Simon Lilly crap some of these food he’s been celebrating a lovely four.

Years with the lovely Tosh it’s us some of the pictures I’ve got them on be phony what his field stopped chugging – she’s just in complete awe oh that one’s a favorite of mine no in all seriousness my tweet in the week it.

Was a Bristol City fun I think Brentford if I’m not mistaken and basically they had a lucky mascot they obviously won they should be doing this every week they brought a dead pigeon into the terraces not sure why he washed his hands after yeah hey I’ve got a few ethical questions on this did they kill the pigeons.

Take it to the ground or did they find the dead pigeon I’m gonna go with they killed it it was a sacrifice you know.

They prayed how do you catch a pigeon to kill it right if you but have you ever watched ever know watched a vote you’ll find out I’ll to get a pigeon great I think.

Pete does it definitely does Harris what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen inside a football have you ever been it’s not a pop we need two boxes and also likes call-out City funny went to the game with the VR headset don’t ever go to a football game when you’ve seen it you apart don’t mention the chicken the chicken.

It’s got a bit on the cheek and the chicken and bent you know people struggling to catch the thing as well it took ages to get it off but I’m certain he’s seen so why not.

Anything you’ve seen it Wigan that Casey’s gobby the chicken I was out like yeah and it was a Monday and I remember it was eight o’clock kickoff Monday Night Football we’ve been.

Out all day and yeah when you see a chicken on the pitch and you about a few and it’s wearing black then another button yeah and I think he was Yakubu and now obviously well that was Malcolm acai after the incidents to see him managing wound was a bit weird he’s a very odd.

Character not mean seen you know I love email chemicai right Irish you’re back in a spotlight again you’re getting a lot of focus this week you went home at lunchtime one lunch last week and I’d your bid you’ve gone for the goth look look right iris how did you get on it.

In the draft this week I hope you’re moving up in the same well phenomenally I lost surprise but however I move off the foot of the table on points which is who did you move up up coming for a bit as well yeah any any tips is your final pick for the now I don’t know is it Calum or something Josh King 70 million he may seem pricey but.

It is last three shots we spoke to you gods and I think they’re planning to redraw for.

Him though I’m sure it’s like you said I guess and I think this even from now is gonna push on Sanchez Andrea for an hour Marcel’s gonna stay in the team and it’s been a big step remember taking the life.

Show that really has Luke have you got a fun Silkwood team how are you getting on half my problem is I’m not I think I’m sixth at the mill about 25 but I forget a lot so this week I’ve kept I had captain the cocky when unite played a new customer.

Thought they need a win he needs a.