Episode 11 Luke Royal (george Weah's Cousin) | The Sportsman #perfect10 Show

The top again you have to be arrogant and all that but he strikes me it’s just somebody who’s just a tosser basically I think if you met he be its officer I think it comes across.

As a tosser on telly salsa what annoys me about it is that the media seem to have this thing about how much Premier League football is.

Earned but he owns about 600 a year and which is wave in excess of than any football around of them I think you can think of him in terms of like Neymar can’t do because again they’re a mega money and they just they just don’t endear themselves to anybody like the way they conduct themselves it’s just not there’s.

No like love there is there between them and fans they’re just literally in it just to accumulate as much cash as they can basically so big not big.

Fan of him but I’m not a big fan of formula in general but no I don’t think he’s I just think I’d find him he’s company quite boring which yeah yeah are.

There any boxes or UFC fighters that you think could just not got much of a personally they’re usually quite good in combat sports in having a bit of a.

God about me Vladimir Klitschko is pretty cold yeah yeah there’s not no they.

Weren’t much to him but now let yourself think Lewis Hamilton is hope though probably the worst one but I don’t know if you watched the f1 weekend and the guy making the owl noises throughout the comments rate did you even when they were going on – Conor McGregor he went to watch the Katie Taylor fight.

This week I don’t know of any of you saw this let’s hear from Connor how did it how did she get on okay Taylor looked a very good class Peyton I have noticed that she’s winning title after title something that I no longer can’t deal so it is very happy for me to say that.

Our Irish chick is winning deep voice so do you think you’re gonna get that very much that you just soldiers I know you know I think he has could be even loaned all for Tony focus on a next time but but I will get my chance I could even I will roll him up like that little cab here’s.

Two rules me on that pretty Harris over to you now we’re running a little sportsman referenda Manchester referendum so let’s talk about money I don’t know you you’re bursting – so.

Could you tell us a bit about what it is and basically you quote the idea just give in the people of Manchester chance there to express their views and whether it should remain.

Or leave and we think like well personally as a night fan I think there is a massive vocal that every single bad result you’ve got all these farms learning to label tyranny that’s not good and that’s why I think this is such a good idea because it gives people a chance to fifty pon the street your everyday person just.

To say do you know what actually I think you’d say I should leave.

And that’s no Piper Boyle in modern it’s just you know what it should be and now that’s what we try to be we just tried to sort of step up rolling station and just get your everyday persons doing it so Harris can.

Are you in favor or really a stale leave because I.

Know the other week I think is the game before Newcastle your word.