Episode 11 Luke Royal (george Weah's Cousin) | The Sportsman #perfect10 Show

Down but aren’t actually good I went to get to the FA Cup they seem to stick reserve science and I never really get like because Newcastle it’s 15 West arm you know again they what are they aiming for well you could do for the son’s father you can talk about that make.

Up win for decades I mean like I don’t know what Wigan funny swapping plus the games you get to go to in the championship and leave are now the premier league isn’t Nabila yeah football there’s some decent games in think probably he’s great but.

If you you know top six yeah and then you’ve got you like better than you were sort.

Of trying to get in there but for the rest of them from we were there for nine years and the novelty wears off.

Once you’ve been to Old Trafford Stamford Bridge once you’ve done all that and then you’re paying 60 quid it’s go much other starts get big five now it’s not really.

On the corner if we went up now we’d be a Cardiff with even less money you know I mean so we’d never be able to I think the championship is good in a way that it’s got.

The prize of the premier the league so much more competitive than as Blackburn phony you know after this before about when we got dropped our Premier League our I’ll say happy about it but it got to a point McRoberts because we were down there every year that you were going to home games against dogs saying you take a point and you should never go home just no disrespect to stalk but you know go.

A home game store come on I take point you should want all three against them even because I know we would in this league.

Know if we were playing them this Saturday I’d want all three points face yeah like you said novelty wears off at Premier League you have Matt you last on that shit there every week if you’re down there you get about.

Three minutes and that you know mean that is a yeah what championship I don’t know I mean Joe championship nicely you never know what you’re gonna do you know you can let your league where know it could be anyone yeah so many teams in quality alia as you mentioned that the Premier League there’s about half teams in the chump ship now being in the Premier League in recent years.

York Norwich and Swansea and better of course you manager look at the teams that have come up.

For the championship well not as much full of in Carnival to sail out wolves obviously spend a lot of money but you know something football they’ve played so used to be a.

Case for the three that we’re not came straight back every time there’s only teams the jumps that you said better than some of the ones in the bottom four in the red shirt now and their standings like that it’s mental like there’s no conditions if I play now every single week as well as for sure let’s move on to the other top trends on Sunday Lewis Hamilton if you’re interested failed to claim his.

Fifth World Championship I thought I’d open this up to debate he’s probably gonna win it next week is there a more hated sportsman right at the very top of his game no because I genuinely think he’s just a.

Massive prick he’s not he’s obviously there’s a thing if you’re.