Episode 11 Luke Royal (george Weah's Cousin) | The Sportsman #perfect10 Show

The first time I heard it a win game we definitely weren’t the first club to adopt it I think it was a Newcastle yeah me troffer see Newcastle fans say it Stevenage fans said they audit for Freeman so I thought it came.

From that guy on Twitter with the video you don’t miss lumps eggs on its head I thought the event good shoutout well they.

Do still they do still sing it gave him to be fair not turns to be when he scores now whereas couple years ago it was literally just this constant yeah we actually played there free from desire song Gaetano and stuff be it was a good one.

I sort of got on the back of.

It and did you know that videos people were doing in news like Barney the Dinosaur dancing to anything I.

Actually made one for the sportsman wish we did it with to the friends thing and then they put it out when well Greg scored the good sister it was brilliant my best moment and.

My biggest regret the people that wrote that song mister just been rolling in royalties they were obviously living it with me so dance hit yep you’ve heard it about.

For a moment yeah they’ll planets throughout you know play throughout your 2016 because I’m seems in a northern ounce when he didn’t play mini didn’t come on the picture anyone just got metal join again Northern Irish adopted it didn’t him what you wrote yeah the English Dave Whelan is op see a man who’s synonymous.

With Wigan I think they’re the legend grandad I think you’ve got a bit of a story about it my a Dave you know Dave Whelan you should have blame for Blackman backing day and rookies legging cooked final he didn’t he’s.

Not actually mention as a days we and my wife felt sorry for him she took a shine to him and I found pictures of him doing better in black print shirt and nothing else spam javelin clear to see I don’t know where do we go from there right Luke what is your one definitive best moment as a.

We confirm the love is I think the FA Cup final has.

To be but I think what came from that was we played obviously a qualify for Europe through that and we played salty.

Bar again from Belgium what a team and because their ground was so small and they had.

To play their European games in Bruges so we went over there to solve about three four thousand apples it was just surreal being in such a beautiful city with a lot with 3,000 absolute idiots just in a nice way on 8% beer we just like drunk for two days it was the worst game event of my life it was nil nil oh yeah and that’s the thing because we’ll.

Never do that again probably.

So that was you know problem our best man Celtic on fire Nord through Blackburn ones Goodman’s firing autumn Celtic brilliant days with you and on the back of that FA cup thing got a bit of a debater we want to open up to the rest of the panel personally.

Would you swap winning the FA Cup to still be in the Premier League no I genuinely haven’t heard one because this debate comes up quite a lot so I remember they were talking about it on on the radio I’ve seen on Sky through various of a clubs you know sort of the clubs you got in the Premier League now are you born or see what birds he probably aren’t gonna get.