Episode 11 Luke Royal (george Weah's Cousin) | The Sportsman #perfect10 Show

Tips on so do you have a best tweet her sweetly already proud.

Of best one was probably when Celtic I’ve gotten didn’t get not totally lost I think the first liked team from Gibraltar I know him because.

He uses the Lincoln read him.

What the AAA yeah I think is one only used to do the photo shops and a photo shopped sort of you know when Sky Sports do the profiles the fact files a fault shot one of them and just changed the facts on it so the facts and stuff like when they were founded and yeah.

I changed them also things like they can’t play on Tuesdays because the pitch is used by a metal detecting stuff things like that and then you know one needs to do the photo shops it used to be.

Trying to sort of have a bit of a laugh.

And trick people on Twitter not actually Sky Sports and Sky Sports the next day it was Mike whatever and bless even read a now online a story and then the art of Carnival is he was one of the Excel tech plays ethic.

Basic got into kind of discuss.

The game and he’s reading about to this Celtic player and you can see he’s looking at him thinking this.

And people were tweeting and obviously straight away saying but on a wave got off from it’s all bollocks basically.

And then but he got it on the night of the loop that’s going.

Just the same thing it’s all about mid-afternoon that really is outstanding let’s move on to Wigan obviously one of your.

First loves where did your support we can start and what was your first memories.

Of pic pretty much because I’m from weekend but some of dad taught me long when I was probably about five or six and yeah.

Just ever since really I mean well I started supporting them we’d have been in the old.

Division too and I couldn’t tell my first game was but the first one I sort of remember was it was the 96 97 season with Mansfield they want to know and that was a game that got promoted it’s a league one is it is not and I think we went out with full on my ear actually supporting your local.

Teams good isn’t it Harris did you be in a lot I met you in an auntie warrior do you know what it’s quite weird because 99% of warriors and Latics funds are behavior besides right I don’t necessarily like worries but I don’t have the H we’ve got a lot what is the thing that we lost six warriors for a lot of likes and especially a sort.

Of the year and before me if you like the Wigan on at the time and worries Morris Lindsay basically quite happy we’ve seen the probably think about business as if a resentment now we check I get and I lie troubling the sport so I don’t mind them well I wouldn’t call myself a fun and I.

Do get a bit I know you don’t people every time which yeah people don’t purpose no it’s because it is what do we think obviously we’re gonna have got one of the most famous players in the Football League in will Greek what do you think of that wheel grid saw and went when it first came out what was it what was.

To be fair first memory I have it was we played Shrewsbury away it would be 2016 and we won 5-1 it’s got a hat-trick and that was.