Episode 11 Luke Royal (george Weah's Cousin) | The Sportsman #perfect10 Show

Cuz he loved our love in different sizes I love her party especially the lies time take install the knot on the eyes promise with ease take me to my hello and welcome to this week’s perfect ten show on back after a week off and we are here to chat about what’s trending in sport and of course give you.

The chance to win 10,000 pounds come on on today’s panel Harris welcome to the show what.

Were you up to it’s Saturday around 3.

this weekend as a huge Man United fan I was waiting for.

This well we had free tickets for the box at the app yard so like any self-respecting person I thought I had to attend you know just take out that freezing alcohol did you know I know you’re gonna give me shit for it but I.

Equate it’s like watching Nickelback in the Amanar inner in a box I’m not that for Nickelback I’m there for the drinks so that’s my defense.

You were good job I’ll give you that you did play well I mean I was shocked at all the empty seats I don’t know what that was about I was thought I’d mention that hey what did you think of Harris’s antics and could we ever catch you.

Rather shit simians in club for a free beer you do anything listen right know there’s the certain boundary here the certain boundaries that be brought upon don’t cross them I’d only ever.

Go into all Trafford if I was in the away and that’s that we’ve also got Paul Paul welcome to the.

Show what have you been up to visited eagle point for Blackburn Leeds again very good game two good sides good at myself in the end they.

Weren’t as noisy as I expected them to be and our special guest for today of course is.

The Twitter King I think we’ve used that intro quite a few times already this show but we’ll use it anyway massive Wiggum fan of course as you can see from the shirt on the table it’s George weighs cousin on Twitter also known as Luke Royal.

Welcome litigator yeah thank you vampy not.

Bad alright so right now if I’m sort of course in honor of Luke being here we’re giving away this Wigan.

Shirt which is it’s alright isn’t it what do we make of a blue and green shirt I think I think Peaks got a bit of a grudge against Wigan no idea why.

That is all you have to lose to me any chance of winning.

This shirt is comment down below the answer to this question which is who did William beat in the fifth round of the FA Cup last season is it a man city or B Man United I wonder what the answer is to that one so comment in the comments down below and we’ll give that shirt away at the end of the show right let’s get into the ice breakers.
The ice breakers go back out later sorry we do again I called you Liam.

Right let’s get into the ice breakers Luke let’s get to know you a little bit more you’ve got a drink their beer I think you’ve had two actually only yeah making my.

Way through so in exchange for those beers could you give us your best drunken story so.

A ha goal of a story so about I mean most my drunken songs have just been to drum getting very dominant taxi just the normal kind of thing so yeah I.

Used to work at Old Trafford used to do Stadium tours so I did it for about three years and I used to do the weekends quite alone and went out on a Friday ones but it just went for a few and it was just few so bad about four or five pints and I.

Was drinking star of prime and if you heard on it it’s one of those ways I think percent wines but five cents was not the other theory yes not stellar until you have a few and yeah you feel anyway went about.

The next day and it was a little the worst hangover than right in my life and I was working at 9:00 the next day then you know when we used to do the stadium tours at Old Trafford we did off dressing rooms as part of it and I was sick in both dresses so there can’t be many.

People who’ve been sick in both dressings old shop I was been doing front of anyone kept the noise to a minimum but the only person yeah stove is me Oh controversial Harris have you been on the old trafford towards the closest issue and they going ours the kids and they enjoyed it thoroughly yeah great reviews right we’ve also got the wheel of misfortune here it’s a fine wheel isn’t it gentlemen it’s incredible if we could get.

We’ve got a whole lot of categories on their advice biggest vise things either and if you could just each one away and for which one are you looking to avoid oh not a music legend.

I am a music fan like everyone but I think I’ve been.

To two gigs in my life it can’t be as bad as.

Mine one was the streets which would be yeah who’s gonna I was 10 years ago and about six months later I went watch The Twang what your gigs now that you brought it well I’ve been see boy sir I’ve been to see Girls Aloud supported by The Saturdays which was actually before they were famous so I was about third from the front it.

Was pretty awesome and BTS Cobb three and three members of five the the blonde Joe blew a kiss at me shitless right let’s move on from my music taste cos won’t get much worse.

Let’s get snow George where’s cousin and a bit about how that started so where did that name come from and he’s a wee one really because I obviously used to.

Do the fake waltz and stuff like that.

The name came from you know he was a fake footballer I do fake qual spot I’m not that clever he definitely no it was just I had a couple of tweaks that went viral and they.

Went on sort of websites as a fight like the mirror the mail and you know I saw and veggie tweeting news on Anna thought not massively keen on my.

Name being on the Delano website and a picture of myself but I’ll change my username and I was applying for jobs at the time as.

Well so it was they’ll do a lot my account or do I just make myself anonymous so.

Employees can’t see me yeah then I just always a quite like the story that’s a.

Great and yeah I think I’ve seen something on TV about the day before might been like the anniversary a bit off so yeah I just happened upon that stalk yeah oh yeah it’s one of Samson’s finer players I think you can probably get Suzy oh yeah of course yeah actually got subbed off Denis I think you did time yeah about 30 minutes or so so what’s the highlight of your Twitter curry Harris needs a few.