Becoming A Freelance Copywriter & Digital Nomad #askdan

Inthat question then I would say yes and it doesn’t mean you can’t become acopywriter in English if you’re not a native English speaker but it is achallenge that you’ll really need.

To up your game on so that will mean reading alot more studying more than a native speaker would have.

To be and reallyworking on your spoken English as well because likely you’ll meet with clientsover Skype or the phone and that will play into it so writing is one of thefew gigs where being a native English speaker is I would say important itdoesn’t mean you can’t do it but.
Wouldconsider doing some work in your native languagewell there’s no.

Reason I know the the english-speaking economies are muchlarger and probably pay better than the polish economies but the Polish economyis not actually that bad and if you know the culture and you know the languagemuch better it might be a better place to start in and get experience thatsteady clients and that kind of thing and then gradually work withenglish-speaking clients because I haven’t read your copywriting and thatit.

Could be incredible but my my guess is if you’re like good at English butnot native yet like really really fluent is the amount you could earn copywritingfor English companies will probably be the same as what you could earn writingfor Polish companies because you’re not going to be able to get the really goodcopywriting gigs in English because.

Your English is not a hundred percent bang onbecause thing with copywriting is it’s not enough to.

Know the language you needto know it and then know how to play with it and manipulate it and kind of goto that next level so it’s yeah there’s a lot to learn there.
So definitelypossible do not stop in this direction but just know that.

It will be a journeyand I think you might be better building your base in your native language firstand then making that transition and adding in some English thanks forwatching.

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