Becoming A Freelance Copywriter & Digital Nomad #askdan

Hey Dan here and we have an #AskDanquestion well three questions in one about being a freelance writer aboutthis digital nomad thing moving to Asia and specifically Thailand you knowshould you move first as well as the best ways to build your freelancewriting career and whether or not speaking English as your native languageis a big hindrance if you want to.

Become a freelance copywriter so let’s startwith it so now I’m not gonna read you the full question because it’s very longand.

Can be a little confusing in a few parts so I’ll just highlight some partshere in one of your podcasts you mentioned that in order to get clientsyou need to hang out around people to build a network simply put you need asolid base.

A big city where you want to stay.

Forever so yes and no or sorry stayfor longer you are so this comes from Oscar by the way in Poland but I thinkhe’s in Barcelona right now you are jump you know conclusion on the big city youwant to stay for longer so having a network is important business is aboutpeople I’ve made videos on this before just because you’re.

Working online donot get confused and think we are all robots or numbers or just emailaddresses people are very important for business so your network is reallyimportant if you are currently living in a city that you’ve lived in for a coupleyears or your whole life I would highly recommend staying there and buildingyour business initially because it’s a lot easier when you know people you haveconnections and you’re familiar with the culture to build a business just anykind of business for that matter if you are already out of your home city andyou’re already traveling.

Or something like that there’s no reason you can’talso build a network with people you meet along the way hey you’re in NewYork great go to some meetups make some friends make connections that way thatsort of thing so the human element is very importantknowing people having those kind of can and you don’t have to stay in the samecity especially if you are in a city you’re not originally from anyhow youcan make connections other ways in fact when I started traveling arguably like Ihad a good home base back in Vancouver.

But when I was traveling I also made alot of connections with people that did become clients as well so you you canget it in both sides there the second question is basically should I head toAsia now should I move to Thailand specifically and get down to work kindof gradually becoming a copywriter but also be traveling and doing thatwhole thing the digital nomad thing or should I get really serious about it nowbuild my business and then go I would say get serious about it build yourbusiness and then go it’s a lot better.

Yeah I would say do that spend a yearwhere you are and build your business and then make that moveother people would probably argue the other thing I don’t know but that wouldbe my take is get serious.

First get your business going and then make the moveand let’s see last question is do you think it’s a big obstacle to writecopies in English without being native speaker so because they were and I Idon’t want to be an ass here but because there were two grammatical mistakes.