Introduction To Programming Languages Lecture 1

Mountain Rose this is me applaud from creative tech Academy and in our today’s introduction to programming languages class we will learn about HTML extremo is the strangled markup language for creating web pages HTML stands for hypertext markup language as strimer describes the structure of web pages using the market extremal Alex are the building blocks of HTML pages HTML.

Elements are represented by a tags extreme italics level pieces of our content such as heading the paragraph table and so on browsers basically do not display the estimate tags but use them to render the content of.

The page today we will learn about the basic structure for HTML page which is as follows first of all we will write the HTML open tag and inside this HTML tag we will write the header tag and off to the header tag inside this header tag there comes the title tag and this is used to give title to the webpage and after giving the title to the web page we close the header tag and after that we write.

The body tag whatever the content we write inside the body tag with the browser will display it as output to the users for.

Example if we write some text inside h1 tag known as having so the text we write inside this tag the browser will display it as output to the user in the form of the heading and if we write to some text inside the key tag now.

Known as paragraph tag so the browser will display the text as a form of paragraph and after writing the contact in your content inside the body tag we close the body tag and after that.

The returns the closing HTML tag so today’s video trailer we have learned about the basic structure for extreme Paige thanks for watching our videos hope you enjoy our more educational videos please subscribe to our Channel creative temperature.