Python – High Level Programming Language For General Purpose Programming

Hello ace language plays a major role in communicating what we want to express to the other human being there are around six thousand nine hundred nine languages spoken all around the world right now for human to human communication we have many languages similarly for machine to human communication or human to machine communication we also have languages and these.

Called programming languages one such programming language which is very popular and widely used is Python yes guys Python a weird and funny name right Python was created by guru van’ll awesome and it was released in the year 1991 at the time of implementation of the language he was reading a published script of Monty Python’s Flying.

Circus which is a famous BBC comedy series of 1970s at the same time he wanted a unique and new and a mysterious name for his new language so he choose Python as the name so what is Python Python is a high-level programming language for.

General-purpose programming it is an interpreted language it emphasizes more on reusing of the code it uses white space indentation for delimiting the code blocks rather than using brackets.

And key words its syntax is such that it helps programmer in writing codes and far fever lines as compared to C++ and Java Python.

Has automatic memory management which runs in the background as garbage collector button is also object-oriented programming language its interpreter is of label for almost all the operating system thus making it available for almost all the platforms the best thing about Python is it’s huge community support which makes developers life.

Easy there are more than 26,000 plus libraries available for developers for all the verticals of programming so with its library support Python is one of the best.

Language for data science and machine learning more and more developers are joining the Python Drive so guys too new.
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