Lady Gaga Illuminati Mind Control Puppet

These night terrors for good yes opened herself up to demonic possession and entities that could.

Never leave her alone hence why the next scene shows her back in the limelight performing in front of a.

Seeing fans that she tried to escape from please do not forget that hatred or evil whatever you want to call it it’s intelligent it’s smart and it’s invisible it’s an invisible snake that while it is planning to make its attack it is thinking.

To itself I am going to divide my enemy into smaller less strong groups and then I’m going to make them hate each other so that it’s easier to take them down and as we’re all yelling at each other trying to figure out which group it is that’s causing the problem evils winning throughout the whole song you can even distinctly hear.

Her admit that she’s being possessed by demons here are just some of the lyrics from Lady Gaga’s perfect illusion and I quote where are you because I can’t see you it was a perfect illusion but I feel you watching me unquote these lyrics speak for themselves and show how Lady Gaga has unclean spirits following her and watching her at all.

Times we can also attest that she’s being watched by the Illuminati itself and at one point we even see these very same evil spirits that dwell within her so in essence Lady Gaga shows us how she tried to leave the industry and the demons within it but in the end she succumbed to the pressure and came back because of the heavy mind-control the elites have her under this is said by Lady Gaga herself in the beginning of the song and I quote I’m trying to get.

Control and the pressure is taking its toll unquote this is truly the sad life of an MKULTRA mind control victim their stories are always so similar Lady.

Gaga is the alter ego of Stephanie Joanne Angelina created and manifested by the Illuminati elites the victims brain then becomes compartmentalized and a new personality which is then molded and educated by the manipulators emerges MKULTRA allows the Illuminati to create a sort of a puppet that can be controlled and manipulated this type of programming also allows the victim or Lady Gaga to do things that you would not normally agree.

To and it also prevents the victims from truly walking away or exposing the industry this alter ego is used to push certain agendas on the masses through her fame project monarch.

For MK ULTRA is a mind control technique secretly funded by the government which exposes the subject to a trauma so violent that his or her mind creates a dissociation we can tell a monarch slave by the symbols the elites push hidden in plain sight such as butterflies one-eye.

Symbolism bird cages and so on sadly Lady gaga is not the only victim.

And will probably never be freed from this type of satanic abuse her music video exposes the industry for what it is and she’s letting her fans know that the industry is nothing but an illusion perfect on the outside but wicked on the inside doesn’t have to stop yeah well sometimes they don’t want.

To in their thing you know gaga we can’t get you know the frequencies weird and you know it’s sounding a little bit strange and I’m like if you don’t get this right.