Lady Gaga Illuminati Mind Control Puppet

Of said that’s really quite a story they’re smart and they believe because they are not yet jaded they believe the world can change and if the answer is no I don’t do it and you shouldn’t either but in a sense I portray myself in a.

Very androgynous way and I love androgynous so you like to blur that line I like I like pushing.

Boundaries what you choose to do with your voice in this world is extremely powerful we’ve seen throughout history how dangerous it.

Can be to use your voice for evil this is a chickadee production the beautiful partially right which is like what I hope to share with this fragrance are that you can find the inner Queen in yourself the inner princess now we all have a platform but what really scares me is these massive corporations that just have no standards for values at all fame is ultimately about the cycle that desire and how to do away with them or manage them well but you know one of the first human.

Perfectly harmless you can spray a tear and fear it’s not my problem it’s your problem but I’ll take your money and we’ll go public is that what we’re gonna do sold in stores everywhere will you get those jobs do me a favor and tell the presidents of these social media companies that they are ruining the culture do you consider yourself a businesswoman a savvy businesswoman well I guess we’ll find out this is the manifesto of.

Little monsters there’s something heroic about the way my fans operate their cameras so.

Precisely so intricately and so proudly like Kings writing the history of their people it’s the prolific nature that both creates and procures what will later be perceived as the kingdom so the real truth about Lady Gaga fans my little monsters lies in this sentiment they are.

The kings they are the Queens they write the history of the kingdom and I am something of a devoted jester it is in the theory of perception that we.

Have established our bond or the lie I should say for which we kill we are nothing without our image without our projection without the spiritual hologram of who we perceive ourselves.

To be or rather to become in the future when you’re lonely I’ll be lonely too and this is the fame love and art 1218 1974 lady gaga let it be right experience life’s a bitch this song is a very detailed account of what happened to.

Famous and it evidently explains why she decided to take time off from making new music this videos clearly stating that.

The entertainment industry is in fact the perfect illusion and that it was not at all which he originally signed up for as you can clearly see here the first scene of Lady Gaga’s music video begins with her performing in front of thousands of fans something.

She’s very used to but immediately after we see Lady Gaga starts speedily driving away from the overwhelming crowd this undeniably represents Lady Gaga’s leave of absence from the Illuminati controlled music industry this point is further proven.

By Lady Gaga’s emotional interview at the 2015 revolution summit I have had to make decisions like why am i.