Lady Gaga Illuminati Mind Control Puppet

Warning due to the subject matter of the following video viewer discretion is advised this channel is dedicated to those looking for truth if you wish to continue to be comforted with lies please find another channel this channel is not for you please do not forget that hatred or evil whatever you want to call it it’s intelligent it’s smart.

And it’s invisible could you ask me that question again yes I want to know how how do we use emotional and social intelligence to.

To get to those how you use emotional and social intelligence to try to get to those yeah well sometimes they don’t want to in there do you know gumbo we can’t get you know this if the frequency is weird and you know it’s not me a little bit strange and I’m like if you don’t get this right now I.

Swear to Lucifer I’m good it’s an invisible snake that while it is planning to make its attack it is thinking to.

Itself I am going to divide my enemy she’s an astute entrepreneur as well with earnings of 52 million dollars this is how I do it I have some sort.

Of anxiety depression something that’s changed my whole life I I take antidepressant medication for it.

You know I don’t take my glasses off for many interviews but I’ll take them off for your false picture into smaller less straw grooves and then I’m going.

To make them hate each other this autumn Gaga is as busy as ever posing for the cover of Vogue and in one of her most ambitious projects yet releasing a new woman’s fragrance called.

Fate I have tried to get off of it my doctor always tells me not to that it’s not safe for me she whatever I’ve tried to have done very neurotic manic sick that’s the biggest misconception about you but I am artificial and.

So that it’s easier to take them down and as we’re all yelling at each other trying to figure out which group it is that’s causing the problem evils winning I’m really passionate about this.

Fragrance I wanted to create something that represents the duality of things you are not here to be.

A puppet for you that’s not what they want never wrong we feel just like I felt when I was younger which was I just I felt like a freak so we have to get rid of those labels this is a juke EP production and when I first met with Cody I told.

Them that the most important thing to me was that we could be innovative and I have had to make decisions like why am i unhappy okay okay so Stephanie got a hybrid person why are you unhappy at one point.

When you would performance some of the customers did something you didn’t like and you did what something just came over me and I took my clothes off these different factions.

Gay-straight rich poor mentally he’ll not mentally ill the big innovation is the look of the perfume famous black in the bottle but sprays on transparent the first of its kind I don’t like wasting my time spending days just shaking people’s hands and smiling taking.

Selfies feels shallow my existence I has a lot more to offer than the image and I don’t like being.

Used to making for money you chop off your clothes I not all of them I ll see my headband underwear on you would.

Take your clothes off a lot I do gun owner not gun owner none of this can matter anymore we are unified in our humanity when you surprised they were able to actually do it I mean you asked them to do it but at the time it was impossible when they started out.

They said no like for a whole year and then I feel sad when I am overworked and that I’ve just become a money-making machine and that my passion and my creativity take the backseat that makes man happy is it your desire to shop because what you do is considered shot odd certainly and then even after I made the bottle so nice they said oh but God by now the bottle is just beautiful we must just sell.

It as a regular perfume so what do they do started to say no I’m not doing that I don’t want to do that I’m not taking that picture go into that event not standing by that because that’s not what I stand for had to do with your sexuality you know what I’m talking about Oh blessing with my my said yeah yeah.

Bluffin with my muffin I hope I’m allowed to say I don’t have to explain to everyone about how it won’t get on your clothing and I said I don’t want to do it unless it’s like slowly but surely I.

Remember who I am and then you go home and look in the mirror and you’re like yes I can go to bed with you every night does that person I know that person so people thought.
Jewish-owned you were bisexual are you bisexual um well I.

I do like women this is the chicken.

Cuz it makes lovely sense doesn’t it fragrance called fame that smells good but it’s not really that person has balls the person has integrity must listen hotshot opinion that this doesn’t say.

Yes that do you like men too or just oh yeah well I’ve only been in love with fan I’ve never been in love with a woman but that’s really what the song was all about.

Why when I was with my boyfriend was I fantasizing about women we really really spent a lot of time creating this for you because we love you and we appreciate that you love me I said we have created through our music into these performances a person doesn’t get a text from somebody and say oh my god they wrote this and they sent this emoji should I write this back what do.

You think is that okay to say are they gonna like me if they say that so they say something different have you had sex with women well my goodness you don’t have to answer me that’s okay we can leave it as a big.

Unknown if you want I have a I’ve certainly had sexual relationships so woman yes what were you looking for when you were searching her out for that was almost be difficult to come up with something that is unique and personal to you I wanted it to smell slutty this is the age that we live.

In we’re not actually communicating with each other we are unconsciously communicating lives you know that also it’s a strange rumor that your pot man pot woman you’ve heard that rumor yeah true No.

The women will need to smell you know interesting Simon I have an interesting mind but I want to smell like a slut to be totally honest so my long answer to that question is that I check in with myself throughout.

The day and I see do I really want to do this do you mind the room no not really umm I first it was very strange and everyone sort.