Programming In C++ / Xcode || Tutorial 39 – Function Pointers

What’s up Gaza welcome to the 39th tutorial programming a C++ using Xcode in this tutorial it’s all about function pointers without further ado let’s start the video okay so the first thing you gotta do is type in void file funk and then you need some brackets parenthesis curly braces STD cou T less than I stand and say file.

Function you’ll see what I’m doing that enemy so file function put on a new line close that.

Off and then go into the main program int main parentheses curly braces void bracket parentheses store fu and CP so func P close that off and then more parentheses go to the next line copy this paste it here equals copy this paste it there put a space there close that off go to the next line copy this again copy.

The whole thing I’m pasting on the next line and close that off so we have a program that demonstrates the use of function pointers this just prints it all out we’re going to the main program where it says void the first line so if I just say number one number.

Two number three so our number.

One a pointer to a function at number two we have we are able to put address in pointer at number three we can call the function so if you run this hopefully l function should just print out because it goes from one to.

Two three then it goes right back up so print this our bill succeeded there we have file function that’s it for this tutorial I’ll see you.
Guys in the next video thanks for now..