6 Productivity Tips For Power Query

So hello and welcome my name is referring to valid Cola and today I have six power query productivity tips that I didn’t know this amazing I knew five of them and one I just forgot about but I am betting that at least one you didn’t know to prove me wrong on the comment box okay all of that in.

Just a second okay so welcome back six productivity tips for power query that I buried that you didn’t know let’s see if I.

Have read or not the first one is two columns okay I have shown you a thousand times how you can actually you know when you are removing or columns when you import something and you get a bunch of columns and you just want to feel instead of remove this remove others there.

Is a better way and you know when you.

Have a lot of columns it is so frustrating to go through each color try to find which ones they are and selected them you select them wrong there is a column function like a button in power query you click on that you select the columns that you.

Want and it removes the others why didn’t I do that did you know is just really really good the next one it is I’ve had that question a thousand times you know working with customers okay how many rows do.

You have on the table is like I don’t know and you know when you import things into power P but at the bottom it says this.

Table has 100,000 or whatever it is in power query you don’t see it and because power query does not show all the rows you have.

No possibility but there is a button that says count rows that will give you the number of rows I didn’t know that I did I have no idea this is the one that I knew but I forgot you know you import data source and for some reason you just want to change either perhaps that said.

The kitchen method or you want to change the ether base where you want to change something and to change source settings I always go to file and source Edna’s I forget.

Button in there to change it right away from from power query and I knew about it it’s just like you know the time I have to use it more often.

That one I knew now another one that I didn’t know and this one is so helpful okay my Andes you import data into power query you have a bunch of columns and then for some reason you want to remove them you want to do something else before but one of the things that power query does is it gets the data it picks a table depending on the source and then it changes the data types right sir it changes.

Text text and numbers to numbers he tries to detect which data type it is and oftentimes I just don’t want to go and mess with that because if I have a lot of columns I don’t want to do that manually you know for everyone so I tried not to remove that step but sometimes you have to hold my friends.

There is a button on the user interface that is called they take the data type that he will don’t you start so you can remove it do whatever you want to do and then click the text datatype and he will do exactly the same thing with the columns.

That you have left I mean I did not even know I had no idea how cool is that and it’s a fantastic so here is the next step you know you have a column and you do click on the arrow sort of same name and then for some reason you said oh it’s not assembly mr. Sandin that happens to me all the time or you just want to do a standing and assembling.

It is there any glance is there whatever the reason could be well there is actually a function or a button that is called reverse row so they will do that for you in just one click instead of going there picking up things or perhaps you just want to see the end of it if you have.

Indexed or it will just swap your column like that I didn’t know and the last one also productivity saving you know moving columns I don’t.

Do it very often but when I do it is often because you know I have like a lot of columns and I actually want to compare these with these.

I’m doing some transformation that has to do with two columns and I wonder have to have them close.

To actually see them or just because I don’t know the way that I’ve transformed anything I want to have something specific in the beginning and I always going for straight to find it I should actually use the choose column for it you know.

Go to column and just get it there is there scrolling I have to get that in my mind so first go to column you have to use that and then once you.

Don’t that you don’t go to color you can actually go and there is a button that’s called move columns and it will move it to the left or to the right or if we move it to the beginner to.

The end so you can actually pick column one that I was comparing to the beginning because I’m told that I was comparing to the beginning I would have that’s it.

Then you can actually then delete those steps once you’ve done with the transformation I.

Don’t think those are needed I had no idea so here’s my question to you did I have managed to surprise you with any.

Of the tips maybe it’s just me yes no idea but I thought they were really really good like you know.
You know how much I love productivity tips so these are.

Eight okay with that said I’ll see you again on Wednesday so until then take care bye.