Riva Sync For Email, Opportunities And Support Tickets

CRM use can help manage customer interactions and data however transferring email to CRM and associating it with items such as contacts accounts or opportunities is not as straightforward sales and support reps often live in their email systems typically in a mobile environment web managing CRM items such as opportunities support tickets contracts projects or quotes can be a big.

Challenge email plugins can help but users often complain.

About reliability or the extra steps required that stifle productivity here at Riva we provide solutions that automatically and transparently copy and integrate email directly to your CRM.

When emails are transferred to your CRM by Riva Riva will automatically associate them with respective contacts and accounts if an account bleed or contact does not exist Riva can automatically create these items and associate them with emails directly in CRM Riva can be configured to perform either automatic or categorized sync of emails as well as filter and transfer attachments to your CRM.

Riva can help your users manage opportunities support tickets and other modules by making them visible on or offline in.

Their email client or webmail opportunities can be sorted by name deal size sales stage next step probability or other field actual CRM opportunities and items can be opened viewed or edited using a one top quick link sales and.

Support staff can use reverse smart create folders to create new CRM opportunities deals or cases directly in their email application this can be a powerful way to increase deal capture reduce scope for error and reduce manual data entry and duplication of efforts with.

River users can track emails directly to individual CRM items by simply dragging.

And dropping them into specific.

Assign to folders this is very helpful when team members want to track the customer conversation on specific deals or support tickets Riva makes emails available to everyone that has CRM visibility on an Associated opportunity case or other River reduces team workload.

While enhancing data quality and enable CRM items and modules to be up to date with minimal user interaction no plugins required.

If you would like to discuss the advanced options of River speak to our team to customize River today in a world where data is currency River delivers the return on your CRM investment.
Irrespective of the email platform and CRM in use companies rely on.

Reavers the best possible data integration engine on the planet.