How To Design Your Life (my Process For Achieving Goals)

Has my daily habits the unique projects I’m working on in each quarter of the year as well as the things I know that I need to work on to get better basically to improve myself the second thing is the pocket journal I carry around this for me is always to record things that may change about my thinking ideas I get when.

I read or listen to podcasts as well as little intuitive hunches that come up so if I’m talking to a friend or I’m reading a book and I’m like wow that would be an awesome idea for example that’s where all my books came from wouldn’t it be cool.
To dot-dot-dot I put it down in his little book it’s just a little.

Three by five moleskin that I always carry around with me and then day by day.

I can flip through that and be like you know what these were those cool things I wanted to basically manifest and create in my own life let me just keep a note of them the second way I do that is.

By doing a weekly journal page now the weekly journal page is just a strategy page which I talked about in my recent video on journaling for success and in that strategy page it’s basically where are you.

Alex where do you want to be and are those habits you’re doing every day sufficient enough to actually get you there so the whole point of this journal page is reflection you’re doing this are you still on track if not what has to change and then finally I have this little journal notebook a digital notebook in Evernote and it just says five years from today now I don’t really stick with that idea.
Of five years from today but.

The point for me is where do I want to go in what direction it could be as simple as moving like I know I’m moving to California after I’m done with my doctorate in Portland it could be as simple as the relationship you want to be in for example I’m thirty I know.

That I want to be married by 35 so I can have that there I know that I want to have a private practice and a traditionally published book and three for vacations per year I put all of.

That down where I don’t know how I’m gonna make it happen yet but it will happen for sure I haven’t quite fleshed out the process the point is that you’re putting trajectories in your brain and in your subconscious.

And when you check that every once in a while they’re kind of like oh yeah I knew I wanted to do that but all right let’s start thinking about how I can actually do it and almost all of those things come true for me especially if.

You regularly review that now the second piece here is your habits so the daily action steps that you’re gonna actually do to make that a reality now.

I’ve shared this philosophy many times it makes up the bulk of my book master of the day but.

The point is that you think about the goals you want to reach and then you have to break them down forget the goal but break it down into a daily habit so with Fitness you forget losing 30 pounds the habit is.

Cook every day go to the gym 20 minutes a day you want to write a book.

You forget having written a book you put down the habit right 500 words a day you want to be in an amazing relationship in two years you forget that goal you put the habit I’m gonna go out to four events where I might meet like-minded people and that’s your daily habit so you bring it.

Back to what do I have to do today now the way I track that is a combination of ways so not.

Only in that yearly visioning document.

Do I put that I also record it in Evernote and the reason I do that is because every Thursday I have a 30.

To 45 minute mastermind call now I’ve had a personal mastermind for over.

Four years now every single week and it’s basically started when I started my business because that was so difficult for me but it progressed to like are you happy are you building the life you want are you is your ladder up against the right wall as the.

Saying goes because you might climb the ladder of success and realize you climbed the wrong ladder and you’re not where you want to be so it’s also about conscious goal setting and being crystal clear on the path.

Forward making sure you’re going down the right path you want to be down so I actually have a maximum of three goals per year.

And then three habits per goal for example the goals are often much more complex than you think like let’s say you’ve only been sleeping five hours a night while your daily ritual that may have to be I’m gonna disconnect from the computer at 11:00 I’m not gonna have coffee after 5:00 and I’m not gonna stress myself out with homework or with work after a certain time it.

May take a few habits just like doing well in.

School or high performing at your work may also be.

More than one-handed it may mean I’m gonna study this study strategy everyday and apply that or I’m gonna do an extra one hour of work per day or self-study.

Or something else the way that I personally do.

It is just three habits per actual goal and those I track in a weekly scorecard document which is these are the three things did I do them Monday through Sunday and then when I.

Get to my Thursday night mastermind we all get on the phone and I basically give a report I did this 50% of the time 90% of the time this.

Is what didn’t work this is what I have to improve and then the third part for me about consciously designing your life and going forward is really just two things it’s the follow-through to make sure you actually do these things and then number two its following little intuitions about when you have to pivot so the way I keep the follow-through going is every night I do a little master the day journal page the journals that out yet but.

I still have a print kind of document that I use for tracking did I do this where do I have to improve myself the Thursday mastermind which is a 45-minute call we use uber conference.

Could do the exact same with a few of your friends or people online my very first mastermind was totally online people I’d met that were other internet entrepreneurs now from there I have the.

Thursday mastermind I have the weekly strategy journal page and I have my Divi habit tracking and besides those three things all I do is carry around in that little pocket moleskin journal I told you about because then I feel like if something doesn’t feel right at all like you’re off track you don’t like this job you’re gaining someone and you realize something’s not right I write down the intuitions because I can always consciously articulate the next.

Move sometimes is easy I want to move to California all the times it’s not do I stay in this relationship is this business still what really excites me am i proud of all the work I’ve created those are things that may be better governed by.

Your intuition and better understood so I just keep a log of all the little intuitive impressions and then I systematically explore them more and then I take time to just.

Go through them and see what’s behind them and I pack them so I hope that was you guys that’s a little bit about my process for consciously scripting your life which has been my whole shtick for a while and that’s really the thing that made.

The biggest difference for me going from 2425 where I had done nothing impressive with my life very average student hadn’t done much besides traveled to now.

Really contributing and producing a lot and having had a productive life the last five or so years now before you go I want you to leave a comment there below let me know for you if you could consciously script your life what would be the first thing you think is important hey guys well.

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