How To Design Your Life (my Process For Achieving Goals)

I had a coaching client last year say something that was incredibly wise when he hired me and in other words I took him on as a coaching client he said you know Alex the reason that I wanted to be your client is because I want to be where you are in a few years and I know you did.

Not get there by accident you design your life and I thought that was extremely wise and spot-on because the thing is so many of us wake up when we’re 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 and realized we don’t even know why we got here or how we’re here and we know for sure that this is not.

Where I wanted to be where we wanted to be years and years ago now in this video I want to share my personal process I use for not only.

Scripting the direction of your life but how I reinvented my own life and consciously created it from 26 until 30 what’s up guys Alex Hein here author of the.

Book master of the day now in my own life.

That designing your life and making go forward in the direction you wanted to go forward has three parts and the very first part is the design the second part is the habits you use are you doing a daily basis and the third is the follow three weather follow-up in other words how do you actually stay on track when you get off.
Track because half of the game.

Of goal achievement is purely when you get punched in the face what are you gonna do differently to get back up and get back in the fight now for me the first thing is vision it’s basically the design you know.

If you just sit down for a day you pour a coffee you get on a piece of paper and you write.

Down what would be the coolest thing that could happen over the next five years in my life if you just do that you.

Are already ahead of 99% of humanity who show up with no game plan no vision for the future no clue what they would like to create besides you know I would like more money or I’d like that girl or that guy or.

I’d like a nicer car there’s almost no consciousness or conscious energy giving me thinking about what do I want to build in the.

Future like what consciously and concretely do I want to improve so for me the way that I do that is first of all I have a journal where I’m regularly writing down updates for the.

Kind of life that I want to build you know it starts with the vision which makes me think of the fact that the skyscrapers of New York started with a picture in somebody’s head and so did spaceships and so it in curing a difficult disease and so when I think of it like that I always make sure I’m consciously creating even it is just in my thoughts even if it’s just up there both in.

Print journals and in a document that I call five years from today so the three things that I use for my yearly envisioning are one the yearly envisioning process I’ve talked about here which is basically at the start of each year I write down what is the coolest thing that could happen this year like perfect year no.

Limitations no just be realistic but like what would be the coolest thing that could happen I put it on one piece of paper that’s always on my desk and single day and I review it twice per day now from there that yearly document also.