A Star Is Born (premed Edition)

You can sign up at for that I’ve got an interview medical school interview boot camp we’re doing mock interviews five-part dialogues all this amazing stuff.

Tuesday nights that’s in four days that closes and you can’t get in that anymore I’ll put the leaks in the boxes below but get on this stuff take advantage of it and stay on this YouTube channel give this good advice everyone have a wonderful wonderful weekend wonderful wonderful night and.

Don’t mistake what I said you should have a wonderful weekend if you’re all caught up if you’re ahead on your work you like Luther your head of your work have a great weekend get out shake it a little bit you know some of the shoulders get some of that logic up in you you know ah ah look at that shoulder right there yeah kill him with the shoulder by being a little Duvall number one.

Know Lil Duval is with his song smile B get it together you know I’m saying anyway alright everyone have a good night I’m out of here thank you guys.