A Star Is Born (premed Edition)

Go somewhere else here you will get knowledge that’s it when I was an undergrad a very small circle people didn’t see me very often but it’s okay why because I got into Stanford it’s okay why because I’m the doctor I want to be it’s okay why because I get to go and travel all around the world helping students like you guys my life my life is my life is a beach day think about that you get one.

Day at the beach and you give up the 40 years.

After college of your life I gave up that trash and now my life is a beach day like I said I.

Just came back from Mexico eight days all expenses paid I didn’t pay a dime he brought me out there to speak is what it is my life is a beach day I swam every morning with my kid it’s beautiful having all sorts of pina coladas it was wonderful because I made the decision to say you guys won’t pressure me nothing will pressure me and get me to do what I know is not the right thing for me I won’t be pushed into something that.

Productive and fruitful for me and it comes all back.

Around and even friends I lost tons of friends who thought I was oh you don’t you don’t have doesn’t want fine but what’s interesting is is the people who.

Really got you people really care about you they’ll hang around they’ll wait and I go years I’m talking about like for example that worked for my boy poncho right really good friend of mine super.

Tight coming up we used to carpool every day from junior high like that kind of situation we didn’t talk for a good eight years I kid you freakin down on eight solid years we.

Didn’t talk eight then I’m gonna go get married he’s one of the first calls phone calls I made a got me grooves man it’s a coup be there was all my groomsmen maybe didn’t.

Long a little while then nag a little bit more.

Time we back in it we hang out all the time now.

Right when I got time but the whole point is he has a.

Whole debt against me he recognized what I gotta do he supports me in my grind and my success and so I encourage you guys when we talk about the peer pressure to become something you’re not in the you’re uncomfortable with be comfortable be in touch with your soul so you don’t lose yourself.

And find the right tribe of people who can get around you and support you it makes all the difference I swear it makes such a difference if you could be your own tribes you can feel confident yourself to be alone but even better is if you can find other supportive people to put around you who can build build you up and even something as.

Simple as you know what hey hey have a great I hope you have a great day you’re an awesome person have a great day how good that make you feel when someone tells you like you guys sometime while we have it.

We did interact you go buy coffee and someone doesn’t give you the whole holiday how you doing all right have a good day when someone’s like you know what I love your smile have a great day do you not just like oh yeah is this gonna be a good day ah right who has.

That that feeling you don’t talk about right well someone gives you that real whatever that’s why I like people trip off key tronic can I hug you and events are like heck yeah glad you could give me a hug I don’t I’m a hugger why because it means something when you will.

Hug someone you spread that love when you embrace lomani that’s powerful nothing better than getting a hug oh yeah hug find the right tribal people to put around you all kind of say I have a free cult of greatness Facebook group you to join that or find your tribe elsewhere but find.

A tri-five to people put around you and love each other and be good each other I’ll leave the child out Marilyn hear him right now so Meryl what my oh gee students and kind of we actually was cool we got to beat person when I went out to Rutgers so in New Jersey cuz Merrill’s an East Coaster but.

It’s so beautiful this is like the kind of people that are around me they’re in my group they’re in my students is that Meryl is always thinking of other people she does like 50,000 volunteer things but she met a girl who is struggling in her in her classes really needs help and man I was like you need to get dr.

Price’s classes and the girl that she was talking to is a student who is borderline welfare who lives in a very small.

Space with a lot of people it doesn’t have extra money and so Meryl said hey listen I’d like to sponsor this girl and I’d like to get a course for her because she needs it and I was like this is a beautiful message to get and I.

To Maryland I said don’t worry about it I’ll give her the course for free and I gave her.

My study boot camp which is right at nine hundred dollar value I gave her that study boot camp totally free so barrel gothis girl hooked up because she simply asked because I like that that’s what it’s about those are the people that you want to surround yourself with like that’s why like I talked to Beryl all the time she emails me all the time and I tried my hardest to always get back to her because she’s an awesome person cuz that’s the type of person.

She is that’s the energy she puts out so I could always talk to Beryl I could always email Beryl cuz I know she’s bringing positive productive energy she’s thinking about other people and so if you can put people around you like that it’s.

So energizing I encourage you guys do that find the right trying people who support you who want you to be your best and who don’t try.

To take you off the path over–he to go it’s all kind of safe does that make sense that’s all I got those are my lessons from the stars born there was a ton more but we were on here for 50.

Minutes I told Shannon so she changed my life stage spacing that I would only do a 20-minute stream and of course my long-winded ass I did 50 minutes but anyway I hope this is helpful to you guys this has been helpful to you please take a second and like the video just take a second like the video all take a second if you’re new to this subscribe.

And notify it’s all good information coming at you take a second join my free.

Cult of greatness Facebook group it’s free okay it’s another interesting.

Thing now I’ll talk about that way okay so anyway everyone this is Friday night everyone have a great night our new regularly scheduled times for new videos coming out either live or recorded monday and wednesday at 6:30 p. Pacific Standard Time be ready and by going to cut water spirits tonight.

Britt that’s our hangout I can’t go there without you down for it I can only go there with you no we are going to sleep tonight if you could hear.

I’m stuffed up I’ve been sick.

For like two weeks I cannot get it together I’ve been sick since I got back from Mexico I can’t get it together yes.

Richness will buy me fufu drinks does Britt.

Knows I drink umbrella type drinks I’m not a real loser I said I’m gonna end this but let me go back into it so we talked about understanding what you have to do with having the right habits so.

I drink alcohol I’m an adult Jackie email me right now give you a promo code email me I like I drink I’ll call him I didn’t have my first.

Drink until I was 24 years old think about that I didn’t have my first sip alcohol so I was 24 years old and it sounds.

Crazy but I think there’s multiple lessons that could go back to what we was talking about from this couple things the first is is that I recognize that alcohol makes you groggy the next day which makes it hard for you to get up study or work or do anything therefore I.

Didn’t want to feel groggy I don’t want to sacrifice and I really do my habit therefore I didn’t drink because I knew.

In the morning to get it done and so I didn’t want to drink and be wrong the next day additionally.

We talked about being insecure people drink often times right when people drink too you know how to party it’s because they get that drink in them in a you know it’s a libation right there liberate it right then they keep that drinking them and they feel freer they feel less insecure they feel that shy right they feel more fun I more I’m the fun guy when.

I’m drunk right that’s what people.

Do I am a naturally pretty shy person instead of using alcohol to make me less shy I was just securing my shyness and my quietness and I said I’m gonna grow right not overnight I don’t work on it.

And I did active things to improve my sense of kind of like social anxiety my sense of anxiousness social.

Situations long story short I was me and this is you get this is kind of way off topic but my who my best friends David David Michael Stein Dee Stein his name starts with David and everyone’s to call me Dre so we were da dee so it was a double D squad and so we would go places like we’re always together and we would go together we would take and it was like a big.

Joke it happened at one party.

Someone like we’re at a party and I’m like yeah and aeneas non-alcoholic and someone tossed me a capri-sun and sledding became a big.

Joke when we showed the party through look oh it’s Capri Sun.

Boys I think he was like it’s a big thing but it invades me because when I was looking to people.

Trash and whatever all I could see was you guys gave me hell over the next.

Morning and I’m gonna be delivering all my habits and I’m gonna have success and what’s interesting so now we’re going even further into this right and I just I was to get off here but now with five minutes deep into this it’s very interesting is that I sacrificed that time of drinking that time of partying every night.

I partied all the weekends let’s be serious right now I had a great time in college but it was on the weekends but the point is I sacrifice what I had to sacrifice to get the success and to be there and what’s.

Interesting is now like I said my life is really really good right now and when I look at and I have my 50.

I won’t even whoa whoa whoa I.

Have my 15 year high school reunion coming up in a couple months and.

What’s interesting is a lot of people.

Who I went to high school with who were having a great time in.

College are having a hard time now and more towards the middle of their.

Life because they didn’t put in the work did they had the fun they did all that and then now their life is is not what it should be and it’s not.

My life and it’s not to say that my life is whatever but I’m very happy with my life and I have happy.

Times now and I sacrifice some of the happy times in and what you realize.

This is something my oldest you can’t comment on this I know when you’re 18 or even 16 you think parties are fun when you’re my.

Funny you’re an adult like we’re we’re a kid you’re like oh yeah we’re going to Bobby’s house porty Oh best thank you our.

Party ever right that’s that’s fun yeah when you’re an adult and.

You’ve taken care of business you party for real like you’re out it clubs you’re out it extravaganza.

Is you’re like you know you’re at real festivals you’re at real fun stuff like we went the other day this the San Diego Zoo has a wine and taste of whatever night something like that food taste and they have wine and food all night bands at all the different monkey cages it was awesome yes it was triple B.

Big baller brand recognized it was amazing that’s fun so just recognize I know you feel like all the way out if I missed this.

College party misses high school party my life will be over I’ve never experienced I like this moment know when you’re an adult when you are adult things are way.

More fun exactly kids can’t afford it.

Stravaganza so anyway all that to say to bring all that back.

Together is that I’m content and I’m happy and who I am and who I’ve become because it is me I don’t have to put on an affront for anyone and everything I teach you guys the reason I can be so confident that it works is because I lived it.

I did it I’m not one of those people who teaches stuff that I didn’t do that it apply I don’t believe it I do what I do I do what a Dean right I practice what I preach it might go about this and so I feel confident Ellen you guys follow these steps success is here anyway all right everyone have a good night all that know I’m out of here the website guys check out the website.

It’s pre-med promo TV comm we have a lot of exciting stuff coming up I’ve got a study six-week study let’s get better grades boot camp that are starting Sunday you’ve got 48 hours it’s less than that to sign.