A Star Is Born (premed Edition)

And then has used that literature that research to then explore the tribes.

Of today and what he says is is that as human beings we have a natural inkling towards a tribe and what a tribe is is a group of people that we feel we belong to that.

We share social constructs with that we share ideals with all these things and so what he is actually done it’s really interesting is he’s actually gone to different countries in different pockets and assimilated to different tribes to identify these tribes and what makes them tick and and all kind of things so we can have this but what was interesting.

About this one of the things he talked about was it kicks you went to the Middle East and posed as a I don’t know how you would describe this but with a radical radical.

Islamic group he actually posed within and.

What was really interesting about how he broke it down was is how these group people are a tribe and that sometimes what happens and.

It’s not to say something’s wrong or something is right is that when you get ingrained in a tribe you believe in some of what the tribe believes in and then when they start saying that you don’t.

Believe in you don’t feel like you can stand up and disagree because you feel the longing to belong in that tribe does that make sense I it was kind of I hope.

That made sense right now you get down one path and then you keep going where you said you wouldn’t go because you don’t want to lose that tribal connective feeling and why I thought this was powerful today and how it kind of fits the movie last night is there’s a scene it’s a historic ball right I said Lady Gaga was.

Insecure that she becomes a star as she became a star she originally was this like no-frills singer-songwriter type and she would write the songs and sing the songs and they were beautiful the lyrics were all heartfelt and it was a cool piece of moviemaking because they had her when she became this big star she’s in her.

First major performance on SNL but on SNL the song she performed is like look get your butt in those jeans boy you make me crazy boy he’s not like and it was like a complete departure from this grounded like gritty lyric she was ready so now she’s writing like ice cream pop pop.

Songs and Bradley Cooper write the alcoholic immediately.

They pan to him and he had stopped drinking he starts drinking because he’s so upset at what she’s doing and he whispers in her ear when she gets off she’s like this is your moment people are listening to what you’re saying and this is your moment to be you and say what you have to say in your voice as only you can and he says to her.

If you’re not connected to your soul you will lose yourself this.

Is your time to say what you have to say in your voice and if you’re not connected to your soul you will lose yourself and I was like dang that’s deep because she has all these people pulling at her all these Hollywood types like oh yeah you can be amazing dye your.

Hair wear this outfit get backup dancers shake your butt over here do all these things and in all this they show you that she went from this girl who was super nice super and like looked out for other people and was singing and writing songs and now she’s this pop star who’s more concerned with her appearance and and how many records are selling and it’s toll departure for her personality and he was right I would tell.

Her he said I failed you if you’re not going.

To your soul you’re going to lose yourself and why I thought that was powerful is cuz in life that’s a big.

Thing is that we often write we feel this pressure to assimilate right it’s where the tribe part comes in is we feel this pressure to belong and in college this is a killer for people when they come in as freshmen they come in as freshmen you don’t know anybody right you’ve got your whole.

Life in the same neighborhood you don’t everybody’s it’s third grade now you graduate high school you go off to the college campus.

There’s 20,000 people on campus you know none of them you’re in the dorms you don’t know anybody you feel anxious to belong and to.

Know people and when they start saying hey listen we’re gonna stay up late and talk till 2:00 in the morning you want.

To belong so what do you do you assembly you start staying up till 2:00 in the morning oh man we’re not go to class everyone at the beach will come with us and then if you say no right you’re thinking in your mind oh if I say no and over the beach they’ll never invite me again they’ll never be another beach day they won’t love me they’ll be my friends I’ll be a square L seven square I’ll be a nerd that’s how we think and as young people when you answer.

When you go from high school to college when people talk about weed out classes it’s not a real thing there’s nothing hard about freshman year.

College classes what’s hard is getting your stuff together and doing what’s required to get those grades not feeling pressured to do things you know you shouldn’t be doing my older students comment on here right now let these young people know what it is and what’s interesting as an old person out graybeard you recognize that all those people you were trying to impress we were trying to assimilate to didn’t.

Mean anything you don’t know them now but you let them get you to flush your medical school dreams down the drain because their approval meant so much to you in that moment think about that oh you’re the cool guy at the beach good but now you can’t get to medical school they.

Weren’t pre-med you were pre-med what happened I know you guys feel that pressure I know when your.

Friends say let’s study together you feel like it would be rude to say no I don’t want to study with you that’s not helpful to me what has made me successful beyond have it right as part of my habit is that I keep a small circle and I’m always the center of.

My universe I don’t need anybody’s approval you guys still here all the time people don’t like me it’s okay I’m not everybody’s cup of tea but I’m never gonna be anything I’m not and I’m never gonna let someone pressure me into doing something that’s not.

Right I could get on here and be all give a kid what no I’m me you know you you cub and you want truth and you want knowledge or you don’t that’s it if you want to talk about makeup or whatever.