A Star Is Born (premed Edition)

But I got to my daughters were here visiting for the last week and so I was eating popcorn with them and we were celebrating eating all these foods and we were walking like we’re doing all these things and so I got swollen like.

All those things and I didn’t want to come into the hospital cuz I want to wait until they left and I said well why was so important like what do.

You mean you’re not gonna see them again and he’s like well actually I haven’t seen.

My daughter’s in over 20 years so what.

And he’s like yeah I used to be a raging alcoholic when they were young and I was abusive to them to my ex-wife to everyone around me and I was a miserable person and I soured that relationship with my daughters and I hadn’t seen them in.

Over 20 years and they finally came back to visit me we reconnected and it was the first time I was seeing them and my grandchildren and so I wanted to spend this time with them.

But the point of this is that alcoholism.

And crazy in is awful so anything wait for you guys you may not.

Be an alcoholic but maybe you are a procrastinator holic maybe you.

Are a futile worker a holic where you’re willing to do anything to avoid doing.

What you should be doing right you you’re the busybody who’s not productive how many of you guys are serial you are your you are a toxic person with toxic Abbot’s for yourself be honest right beyond here if you are a habitual toxic person to yourself and you.

Feel miserable about it right how awful do.

You feel when you sabotage yourself when you’re toxic to yourself you feel awful don’t do.

That to yourself guys that when people asked me this is like if you guys get nothing else ever ever ever from.

My channel but say you won one.

The most powerful most important thing you’ll ever hear this is something we’re going to talk about in a.

Different way now my studying boot camp on Sunday is if you guys want to know why I crush everything if you guys want to know.

Why I can’t be stopped truly it’s because of my habits if you guys would have known me in college you would have thought I was the most boring person ever Monday through Friday why because I knew it was work time and my every every Monday look like every Tuesday absolutely every Wednesday.

With every Thursday with her it was identical woke up at the same time wore the same thing ate the same thing kid you not I would eat oatmeal for breakfast every single day not a different time oatmeal the same oatmeal we’re the same way every single day for lunch I had a rotation of three items I wouldn’t studied in this same.

Place everything the same because I wanted to establish the muscle memory the habit of getting the work done and what’s interesting about this is that when you get in to positive non-toxic right the office of toxic when you get into positive productive habits even small ones in a small sector of your life what’s amazing is is when.

Positive a productive action over over again right becomes a habit but as you do that you start to recognize oh snap I did that not once did twice because and that week of getting that positive thing done from where I was Monday to where I am now holy.

Smokes and then you have success you’re like holy smokes that success from this habit and you continue that habit and then that starts to feel so good and.

So addictive that you then grab on to you another little habit and then another little habit and then pretty soon positive productive habits.

Take over your whole life and now not only are you positive productive whether it being you’re studying or whether it be.

And just like you’re exercising whatever it is it infects everything.

In your life and you start being a habitual non toxic you start being a productive a supportive number one cheerleader you’re number one disciplinarian you start being that person that habitual succeed er and it is everything to you and even now so my mom’s on here right now Shan is on here right now my.

Mom that lives out of state and she’s in state this week right she came down to see me for one day right.

And I’m at work all day I got back from work and as I pulled up to the house they were leaving the house my brother was here my mom was here and my mom was down out of state for one day she’s here I pull up they’re pulling out of the driveway and they’re going to get dinner and like already welcome.

To dinner and I said no I have to go do work in my office I have to build curriculum and they kept.

Driving and so here’s my one chance to help my mom okay here I am going in the house to work as they’re going to dinner and it may seem crazy to you but.

I have a habit I come home I got 10 to 15 minutes of my kids and after that I put two hours ish into building stuff.

For you guys every single day every single day that’s the habit and so we we have to understand this.

All started with a single habit of me getting up early the morning that was my first habit get up early every morning and from that habit I’ve got other habits and other habits in other.

Habits and now my life is a habit habit habit it’s a habit I read every day is a habit.

I keep I’m addicted I’m addicted I got six books in my backpack right now I.

Read half of a book today in the or it’s a habit I feel weird when I read I feel weird I don’t write and produce content and think about things differently so I’m at the movie last night so well I already know she’s gonna bother people that bothered I pulled my phone.

Guy and I take notes so I literally took notes on my note app about the movie because there was learning.

Lessons I wanna bring to you guys it’s a habit and so I want you guys to understand toxic people have toxic habits and so they have toxic outcomes if.

You can change its not being toxic and get away from toxic people who are pulling you the wrong way and you start doing the right things having positive thoughts having productive us.

Why I love my culture great in this group and I’m Michele.

With you guys some some of the stuff is inspirational to me but everything in my facebook group.

So I have a private Facebook if you guys can join I had a private Facebook group called the cult of greatness and every day I go there I’m inspired because people are being positive with.

Each other supporting each other nobody’s judging.

And we’re trying to be helpful right and people are trying to do productive things asking about habits that’s listen how do I get better at.

Are being constructive and people are having success and I’m inspired by that because now I’m around a group of people and they’re around other people that are positive that are productive and the end result is.

Success and I know that the people are with.

Me we’re gonna have success because you can’t help it’s infectious it’s a that’s excuse me it’s a success habit the success habit and so I encourage you guys to establish and comput eyes your own success habits so you can be successful did that make sense everybody liked the video right now if you guys know what I’m talking about if you’re sick of being the toxic person and you’re gonna start making more positive person for.

Yourself if you start having.

The right habits and you understand the power of habits and getting stuff done it’s.

The number one thing and it sounds simple right consistently someone asked about consistency earlier how can you be consistent start with one day and then.

Put two days together then put three and then form.

Before you know it you’re consistent before you know you got to.

Have it and that consistency kills everything everyone’s not going on because out of all your friends think about you guys – yourself right now there are so.

Few people who are habitual there were so few people who are consisted that if you can just get consistent this is the power of my heart double.

Your study for C course is if you can just get consistent studying done you don’t need all advanced tactics if you just have a strategy system that allows you to be consistent and study every single day even if you’ve got terrible study act like if the actual study you do.

Like what you’re studying it’s not that great but you at least do it every single day it’s powerful power it’s powerful so habits I think I beat that to death but and that actually wasn’t exactly wasn’t talked about but that’s such a powerful thing I wanted you guys to have that so have it guys habit and if.

You’ve ever had a failure you can trace it back to a bad habit if you had success you can taste make to a good habit and I have a habit of reading.

I’m a habit of learning and I’ve a habit of writing and therefore it’s easy for me to bring you guys high level expert content it’s easy because I have.

A habit of that for years and years and years alright the last thing I’ll say the last thing I’ll say for the movie is that so often in this society with Instagram and with all the other junk we have we try to fit a prototype and actually.

I was one of the books I was reading is called tribes I don’t know if you guys heard of this book it’s very obscure I saw it.

Like it was I was in mid Barnes and Noble.

As if Barnes at Holman was on the front bargain shelf and it just sounded itching me tribes and I forget what the author’s name is but essentially it’s this.