A Star Is Born (premed Edition)

Medical schools don’t want you I can’t figure out of it 3.

Yourself you’re a tattletale on yourself you let your insecurities get the best of you and the other flip of that coin is that even if you are a typical if you are a Barbra Streisand type if you.

Not to prototype pop star you can have tremendous success if you’re willing to grind and better yourself and be better and embrace who you are when Lady gaga come out right which.

Came out she was her own person right she had shades of old singers right that every theatrical but she was unique in the market at that time she could have tried to be just like every of the pop singer trying to thank Britney but she came out you really don’t see look like the crazy.

Wigs on should all the spiritual stuff going on around her and that’s separating her from the rest of everybody else and for you guys as pre-meds you should buy to that too don’t try to be like every other pre-med and just be a clone of the person next to you when you show up for interviews be unique be you find your passion pursue it commit to it.

Be successful and let that be your badge of honor instead of saying oh well everyone else.

Is doing that but even though I want to.

Do this I’m gonna do what everybody else is doing because in applications of 50,000 applications.

Right let’s feed on some unique people but.

It’s hundred thousands of applications how are you going to stand out if you’re just like everybody else you can’t so you have to embrace who you are you have to embrace who you are and if you can embrace who you are and be secure in it and be confident in it then other people will also do that the example for me if you guys would hear one for me.

Okay so let me like the video right now if.

You guys are still with me make sure I haven’t lost you guys and the depths of this movie there’s a helpful video session for you guys maril what up okay so that’s number two we’re gonna keep going where I keep going number three toxic people have toxic habits.

And they’re the worst toxic people have toxic habits and they’re the worst I mentioned that Bradley Cooper’s character the movie is an alcoholic in the original Kris Kristofferson is an alcoholic and they find these young girls.

And they get married to them and as anyone who knows an alcoholic knows alcoholism is like it’s like being a drug addict drugs and alcohol are the depths and they just pull you into.

Them and every time you try to escape that bottle or that drug it pulls you back and you see people who get away.

From Josh for a little while you wait for not over a while and then they go right back to it be away from it they go back to it and it erodes all the family around them but actually one of them like most memorable moments I had at my intern year was a guy who had come.

To the emergency department and who was in florid liver failure and I was like man why are you so like you’re so jacked up you’re so swollen like you’re all backed up you could have died like why are you just now coming in another side take a wild look you late and what he said was you know what I know I feel like I’m dying.