A Star Is Born (premed Edition)

What is up guys what is up how are we doing how are we doing trying to get my phone here into the tripod I’m breaking it let’s see get make it happen make it happen get it oh my god oh and it’s lost just that quickly let’s see think I got it alright let’s hope it stays there what.

Is up guys how we doing it’s Friday I know many of you guys are out living the life right and join your lives.
I’m here with you guys on Friday broadcasting so shows you how much I’m up.

To and how busy I am give me one second let me situate myself here so I can chat with you guys alright sorry about that okay I have to be gentle touch of the screens I have a film that suppose I can popped out of here what up Noah Carlton’s here boss-lady tone are you sorry yo dice is here cuz I eat Floyd Carlton what up Michael alright what up what up what up what up okay so tonight is a very special broadcast I saw.

Stars born last night who has heard this movie who was excited for this movie Evans preparing for your.

Interviews use my interview quote for interview course Evans you great for you to be so you can dominate but I saw stars born last night it’s got a lot of hype going on right now cuz Lady Gaga’s did it Bradley Cooper did it by the Cooper executive producer no I know you’re in in evidence is what I’m saying.

Using my interview course to.

Prepare for it so I’m talking about I’ll see you on Tuesday as we start Tuesday the interview workshop but healing so movie stars born if you’ve never seen it I’m gonna let you know right now I’m gonna try to keep my spoilers to.

A minimum but it is a remake so I think I have a little bit of leeway to do a little bit.

More spoilage but the movie was phenomenal fantastical amazing my wife and I saw last night as a first showing so it was great and even though it was great it wasn’t quite as good as the original and what I thought tonight the movie was very dense in terms of it’s about life it’s about love and I thought you guys could learn some lessons from it so now.

I bring you guys a star is born the pre-med.

Version right we’re gonna talk about pre-med lessons from a star is born are you guys ready for this you guys excited for this how’s everybody doing everybody doing wonderful you’re gonna Friday it means you’re.

Not studying so you’re you’re doing the right thing means you study harder in the week you know right yes Cassini what up alright so a star is born a love story for all.

The ages I’m gonna quickly go to the plot he never seen it but it’s a love.

Story and it’s a powerful love story in itself but it’s particularly kind of cool for my wife and I because one of our.

Early dates I would say probably dating for like a month and we ended up actually we were talking over a meal and I was explained to her that I had never seen a movie from like she was trying to rape all these movies that she loved her favorite movies and they.

Were all like old-school 60s 70s black/white movies I’m like I don’t watch that old-school stuff I gotta watch a new school stuff like 90s movies whatever and she couldn’t name nineties movies and so we had this disconnect.

And so we made an agreement that we would order an acceptance so we made an agreement that we would each show each other we would alternate an old movie and a new movie an old movie a new movie and go back and forth and so one of the first movies.

She picked was a star is born the original version is like 1970 something with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson and the movies amazing incredible almost kind of stuff I’ve never seen it and so my movie that I showed her was actually heavyweights I don’t know if I was ever seen heavyweights I love that movie Ben Stiller phenomenal the fat camp and his Goldberg before the math hit him so I showed her heavy weights then after heavy weights.

We followed that up with the serious it was very contrasting.

Night with a stars blowing Barbra Streisand and uh she saw me a star is born and this is at a time in my life where I live with my mom and so we’re.

Couch in living room my mom comes home and she’s all excited she’s like walks in the door and I talked and.

Almost she hears Barbara in the background wait a minute are you doing watching a star is born I’m like yeah Shannon’s in here with these old movies the movie just started then we know actually no we were like having to the movie at that point and so I was like oh we have to restart it we have to restart.

It and so we restart the movie and my mom and Shannon by now wife new girlfriend at this time proceeded to sing every song of the movie and not like oh like we’re lip-synching I mean they are belting the music out into their makeshift microphones which are water bottles at that time so.

Hours of this and then they get to the final scene and the final scene and the original ours born is a very powerful like 10 minutes song where Barbra Streisand goes through all these different emotions and so the two of they were sitting there going through all these different emotions seeing the song ridiculous and I’m just sitting there in awe of how fun.

This isn’t how cool this is and as they’re singing this.

They do it a couple times of my guys enough of this song it’s great it’s fantastical but I’ve now heard it for the last 30 minutes and because I was making fun of it she’s like all right then and my mom says we’re going karaoke I’m like karaoke what it’s like it’s like 11 o’clock at night midnight almost how he’ll karaoke she’s like I know spa and my mom’s kind of cool.

It’s kind of hip kind of fun and so Shannon my mom and I go to a karaoke spot at midnight and I think it was during.

The week like a mom I have work in the morning we go to this karaoke bar and that’s his karaoke bar my my mom and wife get up there and they sing a Barbra song and then after that Barbra.

Song they end up seeing proud mary by.

Tina turner with wigs and it was fire it was incredible so they did that and they were doing they were doing something was.

Great and then i followed that.

With my go to karaoke which is been in a jets by Sir Elton John benĂ© benĂ© image and like it’s awful I’m a terrible I can clear out a character mark very quickly so anyway we did that it was fantastical.

The next day my mom says you know what and my mom was very critical of all the ladies I would bring home and she said you.

What I like her she’s a keeper keep her around and so ever since then we’ve.

Been together and we’re now married and we’ve kept this kind that movie is especially relaxed is a very strong love story and so we actually watched that movie every year around our anniversary time and what’s funny about this is our anniversary.

Kyoto couple months ago and we actually were out in LA I give it a talk it you see later that day and that night we were supposed to we.

Had dinner we’re supposed to go out with a couple of my buddies from go to UCLA for residency we’re gonna.

Go hang out and dance and it was like 7:30 and we’re like should we go out tonight no and I’ll just go back home and watch stars born so going back to the hotel and watch the stars born instead of going out.

Living I’m living it up in Hollywood and going to a club we watch the stars board so yes we.

Are a very buck wild we just all night we be partying.

It’s crazy a star is born so that’s what happened and so every that’s a very special movie for us so my wife bought tickets like a month ago in Frisco see this movie and long story short the movie was incredible now I’ve caught you guys up in history and why this believe is so important to.

Us what is the movie about so real quickly I thought I’d synopsis eyes this movie and I I had to write it down because I wanted to make sure.

Doing well cool thanks for asking so I want to make sure that I didn’t give away too much so long in the short of the story is this successful male musician also an alcoholic meets talented young lady singer who has an atypical appearance right not that traditional what we consider gorgeous looks and because.

Fall in love he tells her that she can be a star gets her to believe in.

Herself she becomes a star and then his alcoholic problems hurt her hurt him and hurt both their careers and they fight for their love and for their music for the movie was that a good synopsis okay so now we’ve set the stage we’re all up to speed why.

Believe means much to us why the movie is cool and what it’s about and now we get to the.

Lesson so you guys are in for the lessons if you’re following me so far if you’re enjoying giving up your Friday night to hang out.

With me and hear about stars born like the video right now running Shannon thank you that was a great.

Synopsis right thank you so Shannon’s upstairs right now baby the children.

And so I get to hang out here but she says the crates an officer saw they didn’t think you didn’t ready I think is.

It right so your song no I’m not gonna sing your song on here Shan this is live to the public I can’t be singing I don’t know.

No songs we don’t have special songs okay all right so star is born maybe at the end I’ll sing I’ll sing at the end I’ll sing at the end all right so for the.

Lessons the first thing is is that I have to give a shout out to Bradley Cooper who not only is a sexy man I can say that right as a as a very secure man I can say that Bradley Cooper is sexy he’s a sexy guy something like he’s he’s clean-cut but he’s like a little bit rugged to him right like a little bit of rugged but he’s clean-cut he’s good-looking guy right and I’ve always liked everything he’s been in but what I thought would be sure to.

Talk about and it’s a good lesson for you guys is I constantly telling you guys that you have to get.

Out of your mind this thought of instant success this thought of plug-and-play stardom I’m gonna be an amazing.

Pre-med with no work I’m gonna get into the greatest med school with no work it’s gonna happen I got the.

Gonna do it and even someone who’s as talented as Bradley Cooper there’s a couple lessons from that one is that I actually saw interview with him he talked about this leave this movie he’s a talented guy.

Yes but he got that talent through hard work and dedication and.

He talked about all the years he spent in acting classes and.

Struggling and trying to get roles and then to finally start getting roles then to be seen and get more roles and still having.

To work and grind and audition and and get roles but particularly for this film he plays a singer and so he actually took.

Singing lessons for over a year before they started shooting this movie and that level of dedication showed in the film he sounded incredible.

The music’s phenomenal my wife was actually listen to the CD in the car or the the Spotify in the car and here he and I just funny cuz I would turn on my Spotify and I’m trying to hear logics new album which is jamming if you guys have heard logical album fire but I can’t listen to it cuz she’s on my Spotify account listen to a star was born.

And so we had a confidence for Spotify but the point is.

If he put in that work and not only is he acting this movie but he’s executive producer he’s the director and he’s phenomenal the movie he carries the movie Lady Gaga’s acting is like it’s okay it’s not awful but it’s not great but he really carries the movie and so just a testament.

Talent and we think it’s instant and we think it’s effortless Oh Brad Bradley Cooper he’s effort he just shows him on the screen.

He’s a superstar but he took singing lessons for a year he took acting classes for all this time he’s been struggling in acting for a long time until you got a role in a rolling auditions like it’s a process and.

A build and when you guys look at your career and the skills you’re trying to attain you have.

To look at that same way you have to look at.

It like I’m not going to be amazing instantly it’s going to take some work and as long as I understand that right I.

Can come to grips with that then I’ll be willing to do that work and am I doing that work I will eventually get where I need to go but if we feel like everything should happen instantly this wipes a lot of you guys right we’ve like exact I have it instantly so present instantly for you what do you feel alright so you sit down to problems and.

You confused and then instantly what do you do right what do you do when you don’t recognize that all those missed problems are growth opportunities for you to learn the material congratulations Samson getting into PA school all post back sorry post back problem graduations right killer Meister Senate we shy away right when we don’t understand that those problems are part of the growth we shy away we want instant success we want to sit down and immediately understand everything.

When we go to the MCAT oh man I should be I should remember I should memorize everything I should understand everything.

Everything should be easy I forgot to Luther that your killer my sister my bad with him but do you know I’m saying we have to.

Change that perspective and that’s what I’m still on you guys you’re in cat studying you get so.

Frustrated so burnt out because you can’t handle that opposition you can’t handle that struggle that’s really gonna get you those gains and so kudos to Bradley Cooper oh my mom is on here yay hi mom Stars boards amazing mommy I.

Don’t see a guy go see it but so anyway yeah so just don’t be afraid of work because everybody you seem successful I know we think that they just get.

There and that’s part of the reason why I try to be so me right I don’t try to be fancy eggs I’m not fancy but also because you guys can understand that I’m just you I’ve just spent a lot more years working at it and that work and that effort has made me grow into a extremely talented extremely knowledgeable physician and studying expert and medical school admissions expert but it’s taken lots of time to get there does.

That make sense to everybody that make sense you like the video right now so Chandler said this is so true I hate that I give up when things get too difficult right.

And that’s what we do and one of the my favorite quotes I have a lot of paper but I love close to generals I think when quote Speak Up tideless it’s because they say a lot in a little bit of words and.

One of the quotes I really like.

Is well the other side of struggle lies just past struggle lies success stuff like that just on the other side of success or struggle lies success and so if we can’t push through those struggles we won’t find our success exactly struggles shield success all right so that’s lesson number.

One is that we have to work for things or those things overnight success the second thing is that insecurity is the absolute worst it’s the worst when we doubt ourselves it is.

The most toxic it is the most futile thing we can do for ourselves and for many of you guys who are young people just coming into your own right just coming out from underneath your parents thumb you’re trying to find.

Yourself you try to find your own sense of yourself and your own sense of self confidence and self-worth and so it can be a struggle for you and you struggle with self doubt and insecurity and do I really belong here can I really reach my goal I’m just so nervous I’m just so anxious I’m just right and we got it we can’t find that sense of you know what I’m gonna make it happen I.

Do belong I am this and this is kind of a sidetrack but so in.

The movie Lady Gaga right and everyone else of Lady Gaga looks like she’s a typical looking and Barbra Streisand’s people don’t know what the original Barbra Streisand an amazingly successful Hall of Fame type singer very non-traditional short Jewish write different type of features curly hair right she’s a funny girl he’s.

Wiz in all these movies where she’s the ugly duckling girl and she becomes either a star or the guy loves her all these kind of things that’s you know her laid she’s been hugely successful and so the movie the kind of cool thing about stars born is the movie really kind of mirrors her life is that she does have a typical looks but she became a star and overcame it.

Of us we had these insecurities and even something sepals how we look right how odd sexy is insecurity I’ve seen lots of heavyset heavyset guys get ladies but the.

Heavyset guy with his shirt on.

In the pool ladies aren’t flocking to that but if you’re heavyset and you own it ladies be on it and it’s the same way for women you are who you are you look how you.

Look but if you embrace how you look and you’re comfortable in it it makes other people comfortable and why that’s so important to understand the numbers and know is it a lot of things your whole journey but the number one thing that came to my mind when I was cygnus because for Lady Gaga it was stopping her in the movie was stopping her character for progressing the music industry.

Because she felt uncomfortable in auditions standing next to model looking girls and for many of you guys.

You’re the equivalent of an ugly duckling pre-med where you have some flaws about you and about your resume and about your transcript and you’re so caught up about those things you’re so in your own.

Head about your flaws that you let those flaws magnify and raise to the surface and everyone who interacts with you at an interview on your application all they see is the flaw because you’re so insecure they can’t overlook it right the.

Your insecurity comes off and they’re like gosh they’re uncomfortable I’m uncomfortable and it cheats you out of opportunities you.

Otherwise would have secured and delivered on but you were so focused on that you couldn’t go get it a major way you see this is an application filling out applications I’ve said it time to time again people are gonna tell you hey if you got you know some bad grade you got something to make sure you let them know address.

It let them know hey listen my GPA sucks I’m a terrible student I don’t know how I’m gonna start in medical school that’s horrible strategy because.

Now you’re letting your insecurities rise up and you’re putting insecurity right into their heads right into.

The first thing they see is I’m a terrible student and we can laugh about that someone BP said lol but you guys can’t imagine I review.

Applications all the time and you can’t imagine how many people do that to themselves and put their foot in their mouth before they even get started because oftentimes right what’s that first paragraph they ask you in the application that in secondary’s is there anything you want us to know.

About your application and you write oh well you should know I’ve got no volunteering I basically only went to class and I don’t like people you lead off with that and then you wonder why.