How To Time Block Your Schedule With The Time Blocking Template

I love about this calendar template because you really see how much time you have each week so it gives you a really realistic view of what you’re gonna be able to do so that.

You can feel good about what you’re accomplishing instead of feeling like you have this enormous.

List that keeps growing and growing the reality is we’re always gonna have lists there’s gonna be things to do so you know don’t worry about that just focus on what makes its way over into this calendar so let me just show you quickly what each of these might look like when you fill them out here’s a sample.

Of the goals and you’ll see that there are three different goal themes I list them here one is create a paid course one.

Is create a free course one is blog consistently yours might look completely different from.

This depending on your business and what you want to achieve here is where you would enter.

Of what it is so what is this specific paid course what is the free course and what is the number of posts that you want to do in this case.

And then in this area below this is where you do your brain duck so you start to list out all of the things that you think it’s gonna take to get that done and you can just keep adding to this list don’t.

Worry if it’s too short too long whatever just anything that you can think of the goal here is to start breaking down the bigger goal theme into smaller goals that you can achieve and smaller goals that you can actually put onto your calendar because you’re.

Not going to in one sitting create a paid course right if there’s a series of steps you’re gonna go through so wherever.

You’re at you want to start itemizing what you think those steps might be now one thing just in terms of using this is when you want to create a new line you have to hold down command option return I’m on a Mac so on a PC that’s gonna be a little bit different maybe it’s control option return but that’s how you get a.

New line now the list is gonna look something like this if you’re wondering what all of these numbers and parentheses are that number represents how many times throughout the week you’re gonna be doing it really great way to keep track of those recurring things that you do things like eating meals working out any tasks that you have that you think is gonna take.
Longer than a day you want to break it out into maybe over a couple.

Say that you’re writing an e-book and.

It’s gonna take you three days to get it done three solid days that’s 24 hours well you can break that down into four time slots throughout the week of six hours of piece and you would want to then if you’re.

Doing that you would want to then go in here and just say four times so that way.

Say it’s an hour and a half right that you’re gonna be putting that onto your calendar four times for an hour and a half each time okay so that’s kind of how this works and then what you also want to keep in mind is that everything that you need to.

On here I think I already mentioned that but those are the things that slip through the cracks so make sure you kind of think of your week coming up anything you know you’re gonna have to do make sure you.

It on here so that you can then take it and put it on to your calendar so this is what your calendar might look like as you start filling it out.

They probably notice that this looks much different than this one here the blank one because all of these are individual cells and all I’ve really.

Done is to take cells according to how much time it’s going to take so this is gonna take me five hours what I’ve done is I’ve just simply merged the cell so up under here you can say format merge cells and then.

Okay and that’s how you get these different time blocks happening now you’ll notice.

Up here that I have breakfast every day of the week so that’s where it comes off of the list where breakfast.

Five times a week here I say a half an hour I guess I decided that it takes me a little bit longer so now I turn that into an hour but this is the kind of thing that you want to do make sure that.

They’re all here I like to color code similar tasks so all of my meals and things like that things that aren’t necessarily work work-related get one color I like to highlight.

Working out a little bit different colors so I can really see it at a glance so you can do things like that you.

Code your tasks so they really jump out at you and as you start filling this up you’ll start to get a feel for what is really doable in that week and the other thing is that you start to plan or recurring tasks or certain things at the same time every day it helps.

You get into a routine with them so for instance if you have any client meetings or phone calls that you need to deal with and you might want.

To always schedule them around the same time so that you can just mentally know that that’s what you’re doing between a certain time frame every day.

Kind of helps you become consistent with what you’re doing okay so now for some specifics about how to start using the.

Actual template you can just enter something that you need to do like I’m going to say write blog post on SEO I think this is going to take me two days and I’m going to work on it.

For three hours a day that’s pretty straightforward right you would just enter anything that you feel like you need to do look for those things that you do all the time like here it’s a breakfast I do that five times a week and that takes me order let’s say in an hour you keep going on and on.

Think of anything new that’s popped up even if you have a play date that you have to do with Sally you’re going to do that once and that’s going to take three and a half hours so anything personal to you want to add on here because it’s all time and it all adds up then you come over.

Here into your calendar template and you would just start adding in here like let’s say eat breakfast.

And now because I said it’s gonna take an hour I’m gonna merge these two cells and then I’m gonna start color coding this right now because I know it’s a regular thing so I’m just gonna use that color and you can customize these to fit your brand which I kind of like to do I like to stay on brand it just makes me feel kind of.

Consistent and cohesive totally up to you but you can customize your colors you can add a hex color and you can you know to select any color that you like.

Here if you don’t already see it in here okay so then what I’m going to do is I’m going to copy this and I’m going to select all of this and I’m just going to paste it so that it makes it really easy to do this you can select multiple columns or rows.

And copy the same information into each one at the same time then I might you know take some more items.

From that to-do list let’s say I’m going to write the blog post it’s three hours then I’m gonna do the same thing I’ll say from 7 to 10 I’m going to merge that cell as well and I’m going.

To say and that’s it and if I think I’m gonna do that Monday and Tuesday I can do that here or I can say then I have a client project that I need to work.

On through one o’clock I can merge that say I’m going to eat lunch here and then I’m going to do spend the rest of the afternoon back on that blog post for the second part of my clip here so even though even when you’re breaking up time it doesn’t have to be on a separate day it’s just.

Time that you’re planning and organizing and then if you wanted to color code these you certainly could so that you know they really jump out at you and you can see them quickly again I like to color code those things doing every.

Single day – so that I can copy this and I can just paste this right there and it kind of forces you into.

Your routine and knowing that at the same time you’re eating lunch that you’re gonna plan for it you’re not going to let things.

Interrupt it and so that you know that you have this chunk of time to do some deep work here so that’s basically the way that you start.

Using it if you want to change the color of fonts you would just you know come here you can change the font to any color you can change these to be whatever time increment that you like here you can unmerge cells as quickly as you merge them just by doing that if you.

Happen to notice that your text is running over it’s bleeding into another column then you can come up under format text wrapping and make sure that it’s set for wrap to change.

The color of a cell to white all you need to go do is come up.

Select this right here and you can get it back to white and if you want to change the border color for any reason then.

You can come up under here grab the pencil icon select the color that you want and then just start drawing your border so that should give you an idea of how you can start customizing and using.