How To Time Block Your Schedule With The Time Blocking Template

Hello its Sandra and I wanted to give you a quick overview of how to start using and customizing the time blocking template to work for your scheduling first up is the hello sheet and this will give you a quick overview of how to use it as well but I’m gonna go a little deeper here because I really want.

You to be able to use this for your business so there’s the goals template this is what you would use to map out your goal themes give a short description.

Of what those themes are what your primary goals are for the month and then in here you want to just start doing a brain dump of anything involved with making those happen you can get very specific here you can keep it a little.

Bit more high-level whatever way you want to.

Go because we’re gonna take it and start breaking it down a lot more when we get into the list template I do like to try to get specific here and then you’ll find that you’re even going to get more specific as you start really thinking about.

What its gonna take for each step of achieving whatever your goal theme is and then from here is the list template this is just like your to-do list that you would scratch down on a.

But we’re gonna keep it here and just keep adding things as you think of them to this list so you’re gonna take items from.

Your brain dump here and then you’re just gonna keep brainstorming the tasks involved here throw everything down that you can think of.

And here’s where you start getting super specific about how much time each one of those tasks is gonna take now at this stage of the game I don’t worry too much about if my list is running way too long because it’s gonna be.

Probably more than what you can really do right but the important part here is that you’re getting everything down and you’re getting kind.

Of microscopic with what it takes to achieve your goals for that month the other thing.

That you want to make sure that you do is include everything on here so anything personal that you want to do meals that you have to take care of your family time your work time.

Commute time whatever it is make sure it’s all on here because those are the things that we tend to forget about and.

Those that that can really make you feel kind of defeated because you didn’t think about it and so you thought you could get more done than you could here is where.

Throw all of those on there I’m gonna show you what it looks like when these are filled out but first I just want to show you the calendar template this is your weekly calendar template this is what you’re gonna be working from every week and this is where those things that you’re listing here that brain dump that you’re doing is starting to make.

Its way over on to your weekly calendar now remember the goals template here that we have this.

Brain dump that we’re doing is based on your monthly goals so.

Your list is gonna be much bigger than.

What you’re gonna be actually putting on to your calendar template each week because you’re breaking this down week by week so keep that in mind don’t let.

That stress you when all of these things from your list template don’t fit on to your calendar this is what.