Working With Evernote | Ep 31 | Gtd Natural Project Planning

Hello and welcome to episode 31 of my working with Evernote series in this episode I want to talk to you about a part of the getting things done process that doesn’t get very much notice doesn’t get talked about very much and actually is one of the most important parts of getting things done and the whole process of how.
It works and that is the natural planning method now.

In the book David Allen devotes a whole chapter to this natural planning method and it’s a very important part about how we develop the projects that we are working on now.

Let me just here is a quotation that David Allen actually features in the book which is a vision without a task is but a dream.

A task without a vision is drudgery a vision and.

A task is the hope of the world and this is a quotation from a I believe East Sussex Church in the United Kingdom so we don’t know who actually said this quotation but this is really really important about how we.

Should be planning our projects and I just want to run through.

The five stages of natural planning so the first stage is define purpose and what is the project for why are we actually.

Doing the project this is a why the second is vision outcomes this is what will a successfully completed project look like.

So that’s how what will the outcome be once we have successfully completed the project the third part is brainstorming and this is where Evernote is so so powerful and this is what I want to show you today the fourth part is organizing so organizing the various parts after your brainstorming and.

Deciding what is important what would be useful what you don’t need and so on and.

The fifth part is identifying the next actions which are associated after you’re brainstorming and organizing and in the next episode of my working.

With to do a series I’ll show you what we can do with the next actions after we’ve done the.

Brainstorming but what I want to do in this episode.

Is show you how you can use Evernote to actually do the whole natural planning process so let’s go into Evernote and have a look and see how we can do this method the natural planning method in Evernote so here we are in Evernote and here is a note that I created before we started this recording so that.

You can get an idea of how you can use Evernote to essentially organize your project now in this particular project I’ve got here as a title time to get organized so if you like this is the purpose of my project so if we.

Go into this you can see here define purpose so in this particular example I’ve got the define purpose is time to get organized or.

Get myself organized the next part what I would do in here if I was actually creating this is I would actually create the purpose of the project so you could actually type up here purpose and bold it so to have a fully organized and structured life style for example so what I’m going to.

Think of is this is my purpose and actually this would also be my vision so you could then type in your vision of what ivz.

End of this project would look like so you could now type in here so let’s just think being able to work and live in a will in a very relaxed state knowing all my commitments are in control okay that’s just a quick one there too right for the example of this so.

Then what we have here now is I have I use bullet points for this because in Evernote you can actually create parent-child so let’s have a look at what.
I’ve created here I’ve got read getting things done by David Allen.

Must do I would say to everybody what areas of completely disorganized in my life must get Mike and up-to-date filing needs doing my email inbox is a complete mess over 5,000.

Emails in there oh my god okay so let’s.

Go back we’re getting things done what can i if I was looking at this I can now create a parent child just by clicking return and then tab so where can I get the book is there a Kindle don’t why I keep doing that where is there a Kindle version have a look.

On Amazon now here what I would might.

Do is I might actually just put the Amazon link into so you could actually just.

Do wwm as on comm so you could just create something like that just to help you let’s go on to the next one what areas are completely disorganized in my life well well I could.

Be home it’s a mess you know you can have so much.

Fun with this when you’re creating this it’s just allow your brain just to empty a desk at work is completely out of control you know you can write anything you want in it must get my candidate filing these doing check home you know I can create all sorts of things here should I click should I declare an.

Email bankruptcy see so there’s a lot of things you can do when you’re brainstorming and for me this is my favorite way of brainstorming which is just creating bullet points and and parent Point air bullets just so that.

I can just empty my head I have tried brainstorming software like mind node in fact I do have my node I do occasionally keep coming back to in mind.

Node but it’s not something that I feel comfortable with I’m always wanting to make it look pretty doing it this way which is what I do in Evernote is this allows me to actually just empty my head it’s just the way my brain works but just keep in mind that your brain may prefer brainstorming um on a piece of paper with a pencil which is absolutely fine remember if you’re an Evernote.

User you can just use your phone or your tablet to take a picture of your brainstorming and then you can.

Move on to the next stage now if you look at the next day we’ve done the brainstorming organizing we’ll be having a look at that.

You can then click delete and add things as a final bit but what I do is for next actions and our next actions is really really cool because again because of Evernote’s ability we have the check point here so I can now add into next actions by getting things done from Amazon I can also create I could also do a soft email bankruptcy anything I mean from from basically this is just again I can’t spell to see thank you so.

This is how I would do my project planning brainstorm I don’t want this email this particular video to go on forever and ever and ever but you can see what how you can actually use the power of Evernote to actually do project planning through the natural planning method that you get in getting things done so if you look at what I’ve got here is an incubator folder and what.

I would do is I would actually move this project planning into my incubator folder and allow.

This to develop over a few days I wouldn’t I find that trying to do it all in one moment if I went to a coffee shop and sat down for an hour yeah I could get.

Probably about 75% of this done but I would still leave it one or two more days just to allow other ideas to percolate to the top of my head.

And then I can just add them when I’m on the run it’s just the way my brain works your brain may work a little bit different anyway that’s right there are just what I wanted to show you today is how you can use the power of.

Evernote to do the natural project.

Planning and as I say if we go into this particular slide that I had created you’ve got defined purpose there’s no problem there with Evernote vision outcomes well you can actually put the vision in there no problem brainstorming great place particularly using the bullets organizing and identifying next actions now what I’m going to do in.

The next episode I’m going to show you how we can take the.

Next actions from this project planning directly into todoist and then we can move on from there okay I hope you found this useful please join me again in the next episode and for the rest of.

It i just wish you all a very very productive week.