Working With Evernote | Ep 85 | The Read/review Tag

In this week’s episode of working with Evernote I’m gonna show you two my to-read label hello and welcome to episode 84 of my working with Evernote series my name is Colleen and in this week’s episode I’m going to show you how I created a to read label or tag in Evernote and the reasons why I did it and.

It only came about because I was traveling over the last 48 hours I actually set off at midnight on Wednesday last week and arrived back in Seoul early Friday morning so effectively I was.

Traveling for about 24 hours give or take based on the time difference between Asia and Europe and what I was doing was because I was sitting in airports and I was reading while I was waiting for planes.

And so on and so forth I found that it was just there was a lot of articles that I was capturing or reading and I.

Really wanted to review them in a little bit more detail when I got back home and I could review them on a screen.

Because I was actually just using my iPhone in the airport and I just ended up creating this this tag for to read later now there are a few problems with this because Evernote if you’re.

Using it like I use it it has thousands of notes in it and it’s very very easy for things to actually get.

Lost when you start dumping items to read which is why usually I end up using instapaper for my reading material but in this case I wanted to review these articles in a lot more detail than I would do with instapaper hence the reason.

Why I created this tag while sitting I think it was in Dublin Airport rather than Paris but anyway I want to show you why I did it and how I connect this to my to do it so although it’s predominantly about Evernote there is a.

Small part which is related to this but it doesn’t matter whether you’re using todoist or OmniFocus or as an oar Trello whatever to-do list manager you’re using doesn’t really matter because the same principles apply ok before we get into this before we go into Evernote I would just like to ask if you like this video please click on the like button below and if you haven’t subscribed.

To my channel yet please subscribe okay let’s go into Evernote and I’ll show you.

What I mean okay so before we get started with this what I should do is just quickly review how I.
Have my tag set up so I have the colon means people the act.

Means places the forward slash is what which relates to anything which is why we’ve got 90 tags in there I have the hash tag for when I have the I don’t know what that is up arrow for incubator which is a very important one for me and now I have the forward arrow for my read review which is the main part that I’m going to be showing you today so in here I’ve got articles podcasts and YouTube videos now this is.

Just because none of these articles.

Are related are urgent or important and it’s just something that I actually want to review on a specific time with something I want to review as and when I have time so I click on here I can double click on there and all the ones that I collected while I was away.

Are now in here I actually have one here from the 5th of December which came in from a good friend of mine Ernie and just before I went on holiday and I never really got around to reading it and there’s a lot of articles in there that I would really like to review some podcasts and so on and essentially that’s how I have this set up so the read review here now the problem I have is obviously as we I don’t know how many notes I have in here.

And I’m just going to here and click on here for.

All notes it doesn’t really say that I just time it but I have as you can see a lot of notes in my to do it in my Evernote so the thing I’m going to need is I want to be able to remember to.

Check these out as and when.

I have time so what I do is I create a list in my Evernote and you can actually add it in wherever you want.

Got this in routines and it’s gonna be in my weekly routines and what you can do is just add in.

I am good no it’s not in there you know it’s not in there but anyway that’s where I would actually put it in it’s just going to be a review but what you can do is add it to.

Your list here so I’ve got review all these things here and what I can do next is add on here my next one.

Is review my read review label so I really view tag in Evernote and if you want you can create a link but I’m not going to create a link because I know where it is all you have to do when you’re in todoist is Evernote is just come command J and I can.

Just type in that and it will bring up articles which are here don’t click on that and it’s just in there so it’s very easy for me to actually find it when I use my command J and that’s essentially all you have to do it’s a super thing but the only problems I say is that it’s so easy to forget that you actually have it which is why it’s always a good idea.

To add it to your weekly review checklist which I have here which I have covered before but you I’ve modified this for my own particular.

Usage okay hopefully that’s given you some idea maybe what you can do with your own read review articles.

As I say the biggest problem is that most people end.

Up dumping stuff in there and the list very quickly becomes an unmanageable mess and that’s not really what you want to be doing you need to be able to keep it manageable and this is.

A great way of doing that now I just realized what my problem with todoist is because I actually created it as a single action but now what I wanted to do was to show you that putting into your weekly review checklist this is a really.

Good way of making sure you don’t forget what.

To do okay hopefully that’s given you some ideas.

And some thoughts it just remains for me now to wish you all a very very productive week.