What Is Evernote?

You purchase the course that gives you a link to templates I know this is something that really helps my students get started right away because I don’t want you.

Guys to just start with a blank canvas okay I don’t want you to just open up every now and be like okay what should I create first I want you to have templates right from the start so when you purchase.

The course you will get a bonus.

From me in an email where it links you to a note with links that takes you to four key templates.

Now you can edit these templates for your use once you save them to your Evernote account these are yours you can use them edit them it doesn’t change any of my originals and you can work with them but it’s going to give you a lot of ideas okay a lot of.

Ways to get started and I think this is a huge bonus so just the video tutorials are alone are awesome but this bonus will also come to you for getting.

Started today for only $39 so again you can click the link below or go to step into success komm slash Evernote and that’s how easy it is to get started thank you guys so much for watching joining me today hope it was helpful.