What Is Evernote?

Six months didn’t know what to do with it even read some books but I didn’t really understand how to do it or why I want to do it until I.

Took your course you can either go to step into success comm slash Evernote or click on the link below but this course is all of the.

You need to learn how to do the things I just shared with you I want to show you how to follow up with leads how to work with your contacts how to create systems checklist templates on how to clip things from the web how to organize your notebooks and notes these are all things I want to.

Show you step by step this is the information that.

I share in my Evernote course I teach you how to store how to share and.

How to find and finding us something we didn’t even talk about but learning how to really search and organize and tag your.

Notes in Evernote is taking you to an entirely new level but I take it in a step-by-step approach because I know most people who do not take my courses most people are not techy and you do not have to.

Be techy you do not have to already know how to use Evernote I really jump into the very basics for the brand new person but then I share lots of tips for those who have already dabbled a little bit so this is really something that’s for anyone I had to show up just a few testimonies from some of my past students because I want you guys to.

Feel confident in this course I want you to know that all of us are overwhelmed by paperwork.

And clutter we’re overwhelmed by digital tools and knowing how to use them and I want you guys to know that in this course it really will.

Explain and help you most likely like nothing you’ve ever had before because I walk you through it through a business perspective through a direct sales perspective through someone who has lived in chaos for 14 years before finally getting this all organized and Evernote here’s a few more now what I really love is.

That I I feel like the course gave people hope because in this course you’re gonna feel like yes you’re right you can’t overcome and and tackle all this tomorrow but when you walk through the course you’re.

Gonna see what’s possible and you’re gonna know that if I just follow those steps this today this the next day and keep going eventually you are going to see the light at the end of the.

Tunnel and you’re gonna know where things are you’re gonna have systems created for what you need and you’re going to have a clean desk whoo so I wanted to share these testimonies this course is only $39 you guys now a lot of Evernote courses out there are much much more and some of you were probably getting nervous because you’re like oh no she’s gonna show us how to ever learn Evernote and it’s going.

To be 497 dollars no it’s 7 to success we really want to keep the price available for everyone I know you guys are excited thanks so.

Much for sharing that you are because this $39 course is going to be the stepping stone that you need to start implementing all that I shared.

With you so for $39 and getting started now you are gonna get another special bonus and thanks for hanging with me to the.