What Is Evernote?

Not need to have Evernote to view it it’s just going to look great by copying that public link now this is just a little bonus I wanted to share with you guys a little extra tip when you copy a link in Evernote it is a seriously long URL.

Okay it’s a super long browser you know link that you’re going to share so I always recommend shortening and customizing your links and if you’ve never heard of bitly it’s one of the tools that you can use there’s many others like tiny doc cc or tinyurl.com but I love bitly because it doesn’t only shortening customize your links but it does analytics meaning you can track the number of times.

That links been clicked on okay and you can get in additional information as well so go ahead and go to bitly com after this webinar you can sign up for a free account and then that will give you the ability to customize and shorten links from anywhere not just ever know so.

If you’re still confused of what a shortening link tool is this what I mean so if I copy the public link of an Evernote link and it’s that long that’s not going to look great that’s if I’m sharing it in a text or.

A message so I might want to customize.

It to bitly comm slash Smith team resources and this is not a real link by the way I just made it up but you create and customize that so you can easily remember what it is and even share it.

Quickly because you’re going to know that off the top of your head because if you have.

A team and this is where you store the information you just say oh yeah go to bitly comm slash Smith team resources for all that information I’m telling you guys it’s slick now here’s where the real WoW part happens one of the things that I did that I talk.

About in the courses that I teach is how to create one note that links to additional information and this is called hyperlinks and of course the.

Cool thing is I just shared with you how to share a note but you don’t want to create 50 notes and 50 links when you could actually take all of those notes add them to one note and share one resource so this is the sort of possibility that I just want to let you guys.

Know about I’m not going to talk about how to do this but I’m going to tell you that so much is possible in communicating with your clients and your team members I love showing you guys the easiest ways for communication and setting up systems that work for you so there that brings us to the biggest question how.

Do i master this how do I learn it how do I really understand how to do the things you just showed me to do so you all have options.

You know if some of you guys have.

Probably even read articles or bought books on how to use Evernote and I want to.

Tell you a secret all of those books and resources are great but what really.

Works is having someone walk alongside and.

Show you how to do things step by step with screenshots and examples so of course I’m super excited to let you know that that resource is available now this is a course that I’ve offered for a while now and this is something I hear all the time this course changed everything for me I had Evernote for.