What Is Evernote?

Using it so again feel free to start with basic now some of you may be a part of Evernote business or if you work with a company you may want to look into Evernote business Evernote business is an option for teams or companies of three or more so if you have a team that you are collaborating with all the time you can create an Evernote business account where each person is paying twelve dollars a month or I guess a hundred and twenty dollars a year so that is an option.

For you if you have a team or three or more most of you on this Weber I’m guessing will need an individual account so basic plus or premium is where you’re going to start now.

How do I get started I want to share a link with you because I have some information that’s going to give you an overview of some of the things I’m getting ready to share and I want to make sure you have that information handy so go to this link you can write it down go to it later or go check it out now it’s gonna take you to a note and this is just the top of the note there’s more information on this.

But I wanted you to know that I share Quick Links to go to the free plus or premium versions so if you already have an account and you know you want to upgrade the plus.

Have the links for you right here the other thing that I include on this note is just an overview of the different features of each plan and I have some very important information a lot of people get started with Evernote and there’s one mistake that they make and this mistake gets them so frustrated because they keep hearing of all these great things Evernote does but it’s not working for them they.

You know icons or links or they don’t know where to go they’re completely confused and it’s because of one very important thing so I want to share this right now I this in every course I teach every webinar I lead because so many people miss this step and then they’re missing out on all that Evernote can do for them and it’s this.

Once you set up your account you pretty much never need to go back to evernote.com again here’s why you want to access Evernote from the.

Application not by signing in at Evernote com yes if you’re out of town and you want to access your account from a different computer the library of friends house sure you can access your information through Evernote com but when you’re on your device you should always be using the.

Application so this is your very next step after setting up an account you want to go to.com slash download and download the application to every computer you have all your desktops all.

Your laptops whether you have Windows Mac doesn’t matter also your devices you can download the Evernote app.

To your devices but this is important because if you’re still accessing Evernote from Evernote com you’re not going to get the features and.

The benefits that I’m getting ready to share with you how do you know if you’re on Evernote comm.

It will have it at the top of your browser bar so if you’re working within Evernote in you see Evernote comm you’re not using the application the way you want to access Evernote is by using the icon Evernote icon from your.

Whether you’re using Windows Mac go to the application itself this.

Is an application that once.

You sign in you don’t have to sign in again you’re now using your Evernote account on your device so I hope that tip has helped someone I can almost guarantee it has in the chat go ahead and enter if you did not know this key point because I know that a lot of you are using it correctly but there are always some that I catch that don’t realize they want to download the application ok so let’s.

Jump to how it can benefit you I told you about how to get started what it.

Costs how to download it to your device but now what can it really do for you let’s these are kind of the three needs I find that business owners have they need help with organization and time management they need help with.

Communication and they need help with system creation systems are key to success because systems basically are your steps to what you need to do in a specific area and Evernote can help you with all of these things and the beautiful thing remember.

Is all of this because you’re putting it in this cloud-based system you’re gonna be able to find it easily and Evernote is known for its search functionality let me.

Just tell you it can search documents it searches anything that you’re doing and that’s one thing that trips people up when they’re first using.

Evernote they’re like oh I got a title it right I have to tag it right I have to put it in the right notebook honestly none of that really matters because just use the search bar the search bar and Evernote will pretty much help you find anything that you stored in Evernote so be relaxed and free with that because a lot of you I know are stressed because you’re worried about how it’s organized.

Just know that even by placing things they never know you are going to be able to find it again and how exciting is that going to be I mean how many times.

Asked to find something while you’re out and about and you either say oh I’ll send that to you when I get home because maybe it’s in a Word document or something or you get home and you know it’s in a pile and you can’t find it what if that information was saved on your device and you’re like.

Oh I’d be happy to send that to you and you find it and you share it right from your device you’re done no need to go home no need to search for it I know some of you guys are cheering mind-blown I love it okay so let’s just share some examples these are all different ways that I’ve.

Used Evernote in the past or I’m currently using Evernote and just like anything else you’re gonna use this and edit it according to your needs but checklists.

And templates are one of the biggest things and benefits about Evernote because these checklists rather than creating a piece of paper and making copies you can duplicate these checklists for the information over the people that you’re working.

With so those of you that are in direct sales you need a host coaching checklist host coaching checklist is what’s going to help you you know remember that you’re saying everything you need to say to your host those of you that are working in real estate do you.

Have a client checklist you.

Know those of you that are working in marketing what is your social media.

Content calendar look like what’s the checklist for that for this week you know checklists and.

Templates are an amazing system that will help you make.

Sure things don’t fall through the cracks and you’re really focused on what you need to do so doing this in Evernote allows you to easily duplicate you see on.

The left-hand side or in the middle where the snippets are I have a blank host close to coaching checklist but then I’ve duplicated it for Sally Smith and John McDougall so now I have.

Notes for each of my hosts and I’m going to be able to enter their information check off when I’ve done things and I’m done it’s like an electronic system what about templates for new.

Team members new clients new customers you all have things and information you’re trying to capture and I know a lot of you use a CRM but maybe you need something that gives you more flexibility where you can great kind of contact notes where you can create your own.

Tables checklists information you want to be able to edit this and some CRN’s are a little limiting on the information you can capture on a customer or a client.

So you create templates in Evernote so that you can save the information that you need the other thing that you can use it for again is communication so let’s say again if I’m hosting a party and.

I want to send them a host letter you can share information from Evernote by email so I can create one letter and instead of having to redo this every single time.

I can just hop into the same notes and just change their name change their date any information that’s specific to them and send this information by email they do not have to have an Evernote account and it turns out beautifully in their email it’s so important because you know sometimes if you’ve ever tried to share something direct from an email maybe the images don’t come through right.

The formatting is off anything you create in Evernote when you share it by email it looks fantastic and I love that I don’t have.

To create multiple copies of the same note I can just come back to the same note personalize it and email it so that’s one way you can communicate through Evernote but the way that.

Most people love Evernote is by.

Sharing through a link so let’s say you have information that you want to share and you may not have a website.

You know some of our business owners have their own personal website their.

Own blog and they are able to put information on a website which has a link and they share it but a lot of direct sellers are those that don’t even have a web personal website right now they may not have the ability to put information together and share through a link.

But Evernote gives you that ability so even if you have a website maybe you just want to put something together really quickly that looks fantastic and you want to be able to share a link on social media you want to be able to send it in a text as a message that’s what you can do in Evernote so in this example I created an invitation with graphics I put all the information about the party and let me show you what it looks like when.

I share this as a link for them they just basically put that link in their browser and they see it almost like a web link like a website but I didn’t need a website to create this so I hope this is clicking okay I know it takes a minute for some to basically let the light bulbs go off because I want you to think about the different ways you are going to use this this link that you’re sharing even has social share buttons at.

The bottom automatically from Evernote so if you share an invitation with someone they can click on these social share buttons and share it with someone else so that’s.

An awesome feature as well here’s another example that I hope will make it click how about a team calendar how many times have you guys sent an email to your team with upcoming dates only.

The dates to change or now you have new events to add or maybe there’s a typo in the email and you have to send it again you know having to resend this information every time something updates is not efficient okay it costs up people’s inboxes.

They don’t know which one is the most current version and that’s why things like this when you create them in Evernote the beautiful thing about sharing this information as a link is anytime you make updates to.

It it updates for them as well so this is.

How I used to run my team calendar I just put a little example in here.

But I would put all our meeting dates all our training dates on the notes and then I would just create a link that was bitly whatever dot-com slash Martin teen calendar and I would just share that link that link was what I shared in my face team Facebook group whenever.

Somebody said when’s the next meeting I’d send him that link and I had it memorized because I customized it I’ll talk about that in a minute but this was just one link I had to.

Share I didn’t have to go home and resend an email.

I didn’t have to go you know put them in my contact or my CRM and really mail to them I just shared that link and every time they.

Click on that link they’re seeing my most up-to-date calendar information this is huge you guys this this has really transformed the way I share information with everyone.

From customers host clients and even team members other ideas of way to eat ways to use this what about a customer promotions note I used.

To have you know we have VIP groups that we use to communicate with our VIP customers but one of the great ways to communicate with them as well is through an Evernote link I had.

A personalized custom customer note where I would share key points whether it was free information or content or upcoming events or whatever the case may be I would.

Put it into an Evernote note share that link and any time one of my customers click on that link it was the most current info so every month would have different specials every month I would have different free content it’s almost like your way to create your own little website or blog okay you can almost think of it that way maybe you want to create a personalized guide for someone or a personalized guide.

For your team or an overview of something like for example if you’re in real estate and you want to share images and links to articles and texts to a.

Client you can put all of that information in OneNote send them a link and they can view all of that at the same time rather than opening up attachments going to this website looking here here here and here it’s all organized so anything that you want to share that you want to update okay that they’re gonna see every time.

They click on it that’s what you can create and Evernote alright so another benefit we’re gonna jump to if you have not tried out the Evernote Web Clipper yet this Web Clipper.

I feel is what makes Evernote stand apart this is something you can download for free as an Evernote user we’re not going to go into the how on today’s webinar but when you have the Evernote Web Clipper it allows you to save information from the web so I know you guys are trying to handle all the clutter and paperwork around you but how many of you feel like your computer is just as cluttered okay you have files and folders and links and bookmarks and all these.

Things everywhere well the Web Clipper is going to be your answer because the Evernote Web Clipper allows you to take all that information and directly.

Save it to your Evernote account you’ll.

See in this example I was reading a blog post at stephannie success com on Belinda’s two plus.

Two plus two follow-up system if I want to save this so I simply.

Click on my web clipper which is a basically a browser extension.

You can see the little elephant right here this is what the clipper looks like on your browser bar and when I clicked on that.

This option came up and I can save this article and even select the notebook I want to save it in I can save this as a bookmark I’m going to.

Take a screenshot the Web Clipper gives you so many options I how many of you you can even comment in the chat you the Web Clipper or maybe this is new.

And your mind is blown right now because this is what a lot of you are doing you’re finding an article and you’re hitting the print button.

If you find an article and hit print all that’s doing is creating more paperwork why not clip it instead of print it so that while you’re sitting in carpool while you’re sitting at a doctor’s office you’ll pull up Evernote you find that article and you simply read.

No more paper that’s what’s gonna help you guys conquer the clutter so I had to.

Tell you guys about the Web Clipper this is a huge benefit of Evernote so I talked about saving.

It to the notebook of your choosing this is what I did right here I want to show you that’s what it looked like I just clipped this article and now it’s right here.

In my Evernote account now do I want to share it I was talking about sharing yes you can again copy up publicly to any note that you’ve created and share this and it will instantly take them to this note not in your account but in a web browser so they can view the information and when you copy this link correctly they do.