What Is Evernote?

Could store your important emails if ever crowd could store all of your invitations your contact logs your team records your packing lists your school report cards for your kids literally it can store anything that you need that you no longer want to keep a paper copy of and you know when I talk about creating paperless systems with people I always get this look like oh my.

Goodness I would never want to create a paperless system I have to have paper or it’s not going to work for me and you know what you’re right in that nobody can go 100% paperless that’s really not the best method.

The best method is finding your combination of.

Paper that works for you and the amount of each is going to be dependent on you this is an individual preference an individual system set up and that’s what I kind of help you do it all of my Evernote courses so for me I would say I am 90% digital and 10% paper you may be half in half you’re really the only things I keep.

In paper is one spiral notebook this is just my general go-to if I need to quickly reference write down something that I maybe I don’t have Evernote up for whatever reason but this is it almost everything else is stored and created digitally but most people want to get.

A little more digital and they aren’t sure how they don’t know what tool will help them and that’s where Evernote comes in yes there are.

Other great tools out there Dropbox Google Drive OneNote onedrive all these things are digital cloud-based systems but Evernote has some very distinct features that some of these other tools don’t have and it really can be your.

One-stop shop so again as you’re looking at all those things I hope you guys have identified some areas where you’re like oh my goodness I’ve.

Got to get this under control if this was organized and I could find it easily it would help me so much.

Had a system for this this would be such a benefit for me so how much does Evernote cost because this is something people want to know pretty early on before they jump in and I just want you to know that there’s a lot of options including a free basic plan.

So I’m going to share in a little bit how to get started so even if you don’t have an Evernote account or you’re wishing to upgrade I have some links for you so hang on in a minute but the different plan options you can absolutely start with the basic plan.

For free to give Evernote a try I think that’s a great place to start because.

Why invest in something if you aren’t sure you’re going to use it but as you’ve learned different techniques and features that I share you might find that the plus or premium versions are actually what you need now these cost that I have here are not monthly they’re yearly so for $35.

A year you may find that the features in the plus program or the plus plan is definitely worth $35 a year now I am an Evernote junkie and I love the features in the premium so that seventy dollars a.

Year to me is a wonderful valuable investment I know we probably have someone the webinar now that are in the premium plan but you can graduate up as you’re.