What Is Evernote?

So welcome to today’s webinar I’m Lydia Martin and I am so excited that you’ve decided to join us today for a topic that is so popular it’s a question I get asked all the time and it’s what is Evernote you’ve either heard of it or maybe you have it downloaded maybe you’ve dabbled in it just a little bit.

And I will tell you ever note is a tool that does have a learning curve and even as somebody that is techie and loves digital strategies when I.

Also was confused in the beginning I thought you know everyone keeps talking about how great this tool is how awesome this platform is how.

Their business and it really took a while for the lightbulbs to go off so my goal as a trainer is to help those lightbulbs go off for you I want you guys to have as many mind-blown moments as possible on today’s webinar in fact if you’re here with.

Us live I’d love for you to comment in the chat anytime I share something.

That you know you would utilize in your business or your life and you can just comment mind-blown because that lets me know that that’s an idea that you love that you’re going.

To be able to get excited about and that you can’t wait to start using so in our.

Webinar today we’re actually going to be doing a number of things but I want to get to know you guys first so in the chat if you’ll do me a favor and comment with a 1 2 3 or.
4 I would love to know if you guys are familiar with Evernote at all or if.

You’ve never even heard of it before you’re invited to today’s webinar so go ahead and put 1 2 3 or 4 in.

The chat I always get a lot of numbers I see some ones I see some threes some of you I know are Evernote groupies and you love it so if you love it you can put in the chat what you love about it but I’m guessing most of you are here because you fell into that 1 2 or 3 category and good news if that’s.

You you are in the right place because here are all of the different things that we’re going to cover today we’re going to talk about what is Evernote for you know what does it really do how much does it cost how do you get started how can it benefit you and then how can you master it because like any digital tool that’s out there there’s you guys know there’s lots of great things that you can utilize but you know you really want to take the time to figure.

Out is this a tool that’s going to help me in a way that outweighs the time it’s going to take me to learn it and use it and that’s what I want to do for you guys today I want us to jump right to what you need to know about what it is how you could use it personally individually okay on what you.

We’re gonna have many many different types of business owners on this webinar today some of you are independent business owners maybe you work with a company it really doesn’t matter if you’re a home schooled parent ok Evernote can be used no matter what type of business you have no matter what your daily needs are from day to day and we’re gonna go into all of that today now one thing we will not be covering today is how to use Evernote so I’ll be.

Sharing a little bit later on how to master it but today’s webinar is all about what does it cost how do you get started and how it’s gonna benefit you who’s excited I hope.

You guys are excited I see that you are in the chat so here are a few webinar tips like any webinar I know it’s tempting to multitask but go ahead and turn off all your notifications remove those distractions give yourself this this time just these few minutes where you are gonna be able to take notes and really absorb what I’m getting ready to share with you because I promise it’s going to.

Be life-changing that is one of the testimonies I always get from people that I work with those that I train with Evernote they always say this is the most life-changing tool I have ever implemented so if you want it to be that for you you really want to dig in and stay with me now definitely stay tuned to the end.

Because I’m going to also be sharing a little bonus at the end and you guys are going to love this little bonus so you don’t want to miss out on the details so let’s go.

Ahead and jump into why you even once listen to what I have to share about Evernote how many of you can.

This picture okay now I just want to share with you guys from the start this was my life for a very very long time I have my own business.

For 20 years and I will tell you for about the first fourteen years of those 20 years my office my floor my desk my kitchen counters this is how I felt my life looked and.

To be honest it did and not only did my outer desk and.

Counter look this way but this is how my mind felt as well I’m sure you guys can totally relate okay you know we have to deal with so much today you know you’re handling things that you volunteer for you’re.

Handling activities for your kids you’re handling all your.

Office work and there’s so much information you.

Know technology was supposed to help us write you know emails and social media is gonna help supposed to help us but how many of you feel more overwhelmed now than you did 20 years ago you know those of you that are old enough you know before the technology age you know we it just seems simple write things.

Down on a piece of paper but now we have information coming to.

Us from all over and it’s hard to keep up how do.

You keep up with all your contacts your clients your customers all the people that you deal with and this is how I felt for so long and it was overwhelming it was frustrating I would walk into my office and I’d certainly didn’t feel empowered to start working I felt like frustrated I felt exhausted I would walk into my office and be like.

I don’t even know where to start and that is not a good feeling you know this organization is costly it costs you time it cost you money it costs your sanity and so after 14 years of living like this I was so happy when Evernote came into my life so I finally figured out that the way to get organized to conquer that clutter to finally get where everything had its home was to go digital and I love that there are many many different tools out there today.

Where you can save information in a cloud-based system that it so it doesn’t stay on your desk but it stays in a place where you can access it from anywhere and access it from any device so I’m excited to share with you guys that after accomplishing and digging into Evernote.

And taking trainings and becoming certified as an Evernote consultant my goal now is to help you guys go from that to a clear desk and a clear mind so for the last four years that I’ve been using Evernote I’m excited to share that thanks to Evernote thanks to my scanner thanks to the system’s I’ve created I now can walk into my office.

And feel peace feel empowered feel excitement and I know you guys are.

Wanting to get there more importantly it’s increasing revenue because I’m able to do a better job communicating with everyone that I communicate with in my business so all of the things that I’m going to share with you guys today I want you to know that this is a powerful tool and that I’ve been in your shoes I know where you’re coming from I know we have all types of businesses that are watching today but one the business I was in.

For 20 years was a direct sales business.

So those of you in direct sales network marketing I really know your life.

I know your needs and I think you’re gonna see that come out a lot today in the webinar all right so let’s get started what is Evernote how is it really gonna benefit you and let me just give you an overview of how to understand what this truly is.

An electronic system I like to think of it almost like binders on a shelf you know how many of.

You guys had three-ring binders back in the day okay maybe you still do I use my office used to be lined in three-ring binders I used to store all my information and so I would have the binder and then it would have a course that notes inside that binder whatever notes kind of like an electronic binder system so everything that you would normally store or want to copy and share with someone or everything you’d.

Want to find instead of storing in a three ring binder that’s only in your office you want.

To store it digitally so again you can access it from anywhere so you can kind of get a view from this screen here of my Evernote account and just some of the notebooks that I have these.

Are like my three-ring binders where I.

Store the information that I need now Evernote is not just for your business Evernote can store everything for you and I want you guys to take.

A look at this and tell me right now in the chat.

Which of these things is overwhelming you right now which of these things do you have a pile of in your office right now how many of you have receipts that are just up to.

Here or you have you know photos or memorabilia cards or people things that people have sent you that you’re like I have.

It ready to file but I haven’t done anything with it and it’s just creating clutter how about warranty information how many of you have purchased something it breaks you want to.

Find the warranty information and you’re thinking there is no way I am ever going to find this information again in my home because you don’t have a place for it but what if everything could be stored in one place what if F I mean literally one place if Evernote.