Calendar Vs Tasks: What's The Difference?!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it is francesco here i hope every time we’ve great day so far so in today’s future we’re going to be talking a little bit about calendar events and things like that versus tasks i think this is a valuable topic because i’ve had a fair amount of questions about how you approach.

This in terms of applications and applying it during your routine and i want to share my process and just best practices from specialists like David.

Allen and the GTD process so guys just before we start I wanted to let you know about.

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My new course or class about finding your perfect to do this application which we’ve had already like 50 plus students which is amazing so today’s topic is calendars versus two tasks and I think this is an important topic at the moment mainly with New Year coming up it’s making sure that you keep your calendar really efficient and your task list very efficient too so the way.

That I see this topic is that calendars are for your meetings and activities these are static events that you can go to and then you need to turn up for and that’s how I sort of view calendars tasks are more for actionable items over your next.

30 days that’s how I view tasks so what I see a lot of people doing is what they do is they tend to put a lot of their tasks on the calendar which is absolutely fine I totally understand if you would like to do that but sometimes people get confused why the calendars quite cluttered and that might be the case that they’ve brought.

Over some tasks or actionable things over to their calendar or they’ve over populated their calendar this is a common thing that happens a calendar with a lot of stuff on it tends to be a.
Little bit less productive because you have this view of a lot.

Of stuff and you’re sort of like whoa there’s so much on it but potentially it doesn’t have to be like that you can sort of you.

In tandem together and in non-conflicting ways now just before we start the actual calendar and tasks separation thing is actually a derivative of the GTD book which is getting things done by David Allen so it’s definitely worth checking around description bloats it’s a.

One I read like almost ten years ago and I’m thoroughly enjoyed it so I definitely recommend checking that one out and checking that section to another assistive book which will help is the productivity ninja by Graham Alcott it Graham’s based in the UK and it’s a.

Really thoroughly good book actually and one that I highly recommend so there are tasks that are quite weird and sometimes tough to differentiate between what is a task and what is an event so for example like walk the dog is a tough one and you might put.

Walk the dog in your calendar but you also.

Might put it in your to-do list now what I recommend for this is if you do it on a regular basis then I would recommend putting it as a recurring event inside of.

Task manager if you do this as a one-off thing maybe like once a week or would you do it for someone else for example maybe then you would put it in your calendar but again if you know you’re gonna do it and you’ve got into that habit then it might not be worth taking up the space in your calendar.

Of course it really depends on how you work but again this is something.

That you need to be aware of as you build in your calendar so moving on to the next example let’s say plan wedding let’s say you’ve dedicated a bit of time in the evening to work out like wedding admin or you’re planning set things for your wedding I.

Don’t know let’s say it’s for another event as well you can change it up whatever you like let’s say you’ve put it in your calendar you’ve put a plan a wedding in your calendar this is absolutely fine making making sure.

You’ve put some time out for that blocking time out there SAP so you find it but if it’s detailed actions between that if you’re breaking them up into like do this do this do this and it might be a little less useful and.

You might want to put that as a block so just a block of time and then use your task manager to actually break down the subtasks involved in that block of time I know I get a lot of the questions a lot of time about how you should approach that projects and I think that’s a useful tactic to have to make sure that if you’re blocking timeout that’s fine but.

Make sure you’ve broken it down into subtasks here and one fiber one is.

Like go for a run this is a good example many people put it on the calendar as a regular thing but again like me I have infrequent runs or infrequent gym sessions where I don’t have a specific time to go to them what I would tend to do is I’ll tend to put them.

In my calendar a lot of time because I feel like they’re so infrequent that they’re not going to be routine so I compare them it’s recurring but they stand alone there and it’s very useful although if I don’t know what time I’m gonna be doing it in my day I.

Tend to put it my you task manager because I can then shift the time based on it.

So those were three examples that a lot of people get confused with and those are the approaches that GTD recommend that you should take of course it’s definitely worth going away reading that GTD book and sort of getting a bit more context on it and of course approaching all the tasks map all the calendar side of things are each time which is very useful now what I.

Do with my calendar is I tend to keep it very clean here’s a sort of example of it I tend to keep all of my events meetings very specific static appointment starting to go to.

If there are some recurring ones they go.

In the calendar but if their tasks Bates actionable they go and my task manager like to do it so guys I hope that you enjoyed this future I hope it gave you a bit more clarity I’ve had a lot of questions.

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