4 Productivity Tools All Entrepreneurs Should Be Using

Hey what’s up youtubers Tristan brought in here and in this video it’s not going to be specifically about drop shipping but it’s going to be the top productivity hacks I use to speed up processes in my business and cut time down doing pointless tasks because like at the end of the day the quicker you are able to get.

Things done it’s basically the more money you’re gonna make so I think this is really important and probably get some value out of this as well right so I’m going to jump into my computer in a little bit.

And show you some of the productivity tools that I’ve been using but I want to give you one productivity tip and that’s something I’ve done recently so I’ve always used to work like on a laptop or a single screen but.

Recently I bought another screen so now I’m using like dual screens it’s probably like the best thing that I’ve done especially if you’re like analyzing Facebook Ads and you have two screens and you can pull up metrics on both screens it’s so.

Much better you can just jump on ebay buy like a cheap second monitor for like 200 bucks and.

Adapter here second hand for like.

It in and I guarantee you you’ll 2x your speed on the computer so definitely do that and then as well once you have two screens there’s also a cool little app as well where you can flick through stuff which I’ll show you now all right so the app is called size up it’s available on Mac and.

Windows it’s good if you have one screen it’s even better if you have two but basically what it does it puts shortcuts on your keyboard where you can easily flick through screens right so if.

I want to bring the screen to the left a control hold command if I want to bring this up and put it up right.

Down and go full screen but it’s really.

Really easy to flip through windows really quickly instead of having to drag but we know is across the screen and this is awesome if you’re running.

Ads from different traffic channels say if you have your Google Analytics up here your Facebook Ads down here you can.

Compare really easily so it’s $12.

99 for a lifetime subscription so it’s definitely worth it it speeds.

Up your workflow a lot quicker so another one of my favorite little apps that I’m using is guest timer so with guest timer it’s.

Just like a little paid app on Mac I’m pretty sure they.

Have on Windows as well but if you ever have to set like a quick alarm you just drag drag it up and I’ll give you a like a reminder so you can right here check facebook ads and then in an hour it will pop.

Up and say check Facebook outs in this reminder you can pull all the way.

Across the screen it’s the quickest and easiest way to set reminders so those.

Two apps are my favorite little tools that I use in terms of like team communications when I’m talking to my team the best tool for that I.

Reckon is slack it’s kind of like Skype but it’s way better has all this better features such as where you.

Can create your own channels of stuff so this is one of my workspaces.

Here and you can see we’ve got we’ve got a channel for add moderation a fulfillment customer service disputes email marketing so it’s like a central place where you can see all the communication and like I’ve got multiple VA s on this down.

You the VA so I’ve got 1 2 3.

4 5 6 7 8 8 acting VA is on this store two of them are actually the aides one’s a bookkeeper and one’s an accountant over here all the videos talk to each other and you can see like if.

There’s any issues for example I got work when we’re uploading products if the product descriptions are wrong we’ll come in and talk about it here if there’s a refund to return we’ll talk about it in this channel so it’s a great way to keep like a bird’s eye view over what’s going on.

In your drops you in business.

Or any business for that matter so that’s the best so I can slack is the best tool for communication and the best thing as well as it’s free we only use the.

Free version I think you can get a paid version I don’t even know what the paid version does I think with the free version it only keeps messages up to three months old but that doesn’t really matter.

Because and another thing as well that’s really good is that you can.

Pin processes yeah so like for my product research channel we’ve got a process.

Here to follow so that when all the VA is join they look at this process sheet first so yes like is.

The best tool for communication so in terms of like team organization.

Keep on track of tasks so with the sauna it’s a little bit like like slack but it’s more of like a checklist where you assign stuff sit down here we’ve got projects for one of our Yukon businesses and then there’s a tasks that haven’t met passion yet and if you want to assign a task to someone you come down here and then their task is assigned.

And then they receive an email so I mean I don’t use asana that much it’s really good to use say if you’re starting a new business and you have like a huge amount of things that you have to go through otherwise we.

Mainly talk and slack but yeah if we’re starting off a new econ business from scratch then there’s a lot of things that need to be checked off so it’s good to use a sign if you’re starting out and you have bas that have help me alright so lastly in terms of like tracking.

Day-to-day tasks like what I have to do each day I probably have the most unorganized way of like doing this but for some reason it works for me like I’ve tried.

All the kind of like day-to-day tasks organization apps like to do is to Evernote and all these other apps but literally what works for me is just having a simple notepad and I have what I just write what day it is and then I.

Write like one do I write about four or five.

Tasks it like an idiot done that day and then I.

Laid like the other like random ones that I have to do down here and one other thing I recommend doing is that when you like you need to have a to-do list for your day or however long you’re spending on your business but you should create that to-do list the night before so every night before I go to bed I’ll have a look at my task list and I’ll set up the tasks for.

The next day so that when I go to bed then I wake up I’m clear I’m like what I have to do sometimes if you wake up in the morning and you’re looking at your emails and stuff and you trying to figure out what you have to do it all gets muddled up and you lose your productivity in your focus so I recommend always structure you to do this the night before you go to bed I.

Mean I mean just before you go to bed not the night for you have been anyway this video is pretty different to all my other videos I don’t enero myself too far down the dropshipping rabbit hole.

Because it goes pretty deep but yeah we’ll get back to making dropshipping videos so definitely if you like this video drop a like if you hate this drop a comment Tory that you hated it and also if you have any ideas for like any other entrepreneurship general kind of YouTube videos like this let me know.

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