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Pick from this I’ve used something called plan highlights so I’ve created a.

Filter inside of traduced on this left-hand panel if I click Edit filter you’ll be able to see it’s ten days ahead and the tag highlight.

So what I’ve started doing and I read from the book make time which is a really good book so far I highly recommend it I basically started tagging some tasks with at highlight.

As a label putting it in as yellow essentially the.

Goal of this is so that I can see the most important tasks for that day what do I need to do for that day to feel accomplished if I had to do nothing else and.

It this actually really keeps me focused and I try to do my best to do them in the morning to get them out of the.

It will really everything it has really recently helped me to refine my efforts so I will go on to this filter.

Once I click into this filter I get to see all of those highlights I try and keep one highlight today and you can see okay that’s the most important tasks so what I’ll do from that piece of paper is I’ll extract the most important task for those days so Monday okay that’s the most important task.

Tuesday and I’ll put them into this outline so this is for example my week now these are the most important tasks for the day so I find this a really useful strategy because I’m actually going what’s this thing I need to do then what I’ll do is I’ll go over to schedule week which is an under filter a really simple filter it’s any hashtag work and ten days because I’ll try and only use this planning for work for the majority of the tasks I’ll click it and then I’ll go to the.

Week ahead and as you can imagine this would be totally empty and I’ll start planning in the other tasks I’ll start to see the highlights that will already be there but I personally find this a great way to start just dumping tasks in and and I’ll have all of the tasks I.

Need to get done in front of me anyway so although this process sounds a little a bit lengthy there’s real really three parts to it it’s opening notion and looking at the goals list as you can see on the right-hand.

Side it’s then writing down what my week looks like on paper and then number three is uploading it to do I found this to be a really effective way for me to work and as I said it’s Thursday afternoons and it takes no longer than 30.

Minutes I will use apps like Google Calendar to see my events and aside from that I pretty much do this offline and the goal behind map is so that I don’t necessarily get distracted by emails as they’re coming in so I have all of my notion offline have all of my to-do list offline and as soon as I essentially get things back up I can just go into the.

Sink and sink either either way and it basically will do it now one thing I would say is some.

Small best practices is the offline thing is totally optional for you the.

Other thing that I noticed is when I’m on my goals list and I’m going down here I’ll tend to find activities that I need to do that are maybe important but don’t necessarily need to go in the the next seven days list so I’ll go onto this left-hand panel go to tasks and start dumping them here once I dumped a few of them here.

I can give them labels I can give them.

Context because I want to make them searchable so they don’t.

Actually appear in my next seven days they’re essentially just a basic list that I can go into and grab tasks from and bring them into next seven days when I find suitable.

So guys hopefully that gives you a.

Nice outline of the way that I go through goal-setting and my weekly use of notion in today’s this is really the combination usage of these and it ago said it’s not really a combination.

Usage in terms of in integration but I really like the way that I process stuff hopefully you found it useful let me know in the comments whether it’s like Francesco you making things hard for yourself but personally I find that 30 minutes quite.

Refreshing I go into Friday knowing I’ve got all of my next week’s tasks done we’re not done pretty much laid out and I go into Sunday at Sunday and Sunday feeling a little bit more relaxed if I’m honest and it’s only due to dedicating 30 minutes per week which is quite a nice practice outside of that I.

Do not touch goals or or my next.

7 days really one occasional day so for example this afternoon let’s just go to my today area I’ve completed most of the tasks for my morning and I have this all of my tasks up to three then I’ve got to.

Call it four but I might have the idea or time to do a few more tasks before Becca gets home and I want to.

Relax so I might go into tasks and drag a few in but aside from that I really try and keep it as simple as possible and once I’ve completed all my tasks for today I tend to just try to focus on what really needs doing that’s when I can focus on administration anyway guys hopefully you found this video useful you can follow the key productive YouTube channel over on YouTube obviously Carl.

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By this time we putting out this video Carl will.

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