Working With Productivity | Francesco D'alessio & Notion + Todoist

In this special episode of working with productivity I have a very special guest hello and welcome to an episode of working with productivity it has been a while since I last did an episode on working with productivity but water come back because today I am handing my tunnel over to Francesco D’Alessio one of my great friends from the.

UK and Francesco has an amazing channel called creep productive.

And he is going to show you in this episode how he uses notion with todoist but the special part of this episode is simultaneously I’m going to take over Francesco’s channel and show you how I use to do it with Evernote so you’re gonna have a good comparison setup over here so without any further ado let me hand over my channel.

To Francesco D’Alessio hello everyone my name is Francesco D’Alessio and you probably know me from the key productive YouTube channel Carl and I are doing a collaboration.

Today he will be over on my channel to do a feature all about how he combines his todoist and Evernote use and I’m going to be on his channel today the Kullen channel to do a notion.

And todoist video I want to share with you guys a little bit about how I use the two applications together because I get a lot of questions like Francesco do you use your task manager inside of notion and do sort of looking to replace todoist with notion so one of the address a few of those.

And share my process in which I go through on probably a maybe like a Thursday evening slash.

Afternoon or Friday morning to plan my next week.

Of tasks so that might be helpful for your own process so hopefully this can give you a nice outline to everything so here we are this is my notion and todoist account what I’ve.

Done is I’ve sort of split screened it so on the right-hand side you’ll be seeing notion and in the left-hand side you’ll be seeing todoist they’re both in dark mode hence they’re different color to normal and of course to Lewis has been school little because of this split-screen view so let’s start with my two duis use a lot of people ask.

Me how to use to lowest I mainly use it as my I would say my task manager for actionable 30 days worth of tasks so as you can see here I’ve got three items in my today over my next seven days I’ve got 44 tasks and that’s the majority of my tasks and I have projects that are really.

Really simple tasks for sort of dumping in tasks that.

Don’t have a due date that needs to get done personal for any personal life tasks work for most of my work stuff which is a majority share of my to-do list account and later these are almost just notes.

Or links that I need to clear out at the end of the week so the one thing I do is probably on a third as mentioned on Thursday afternoon it’s normally like.
I’ll grab some time to plan the week ahead.

And I tend to do on a Thursday afternoon because that’s a time for me that I know is a little bit easier I know then I’ve got it clear and also I like the fact that I can go into Friday and the weekend with all of my tasks for next week pretty much.

Do is I will lay this out I will also get an a4 piece of paper in front of me I tend to use the barren fig work pad although I’ve used a3 the majority of the other time I will put it in.

Front of me and what I’ll do is I’ll write out Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday for the next week I will then split a little bit on the bottom I’ll try and take a picture of my last week’s one and put it in this video and I’ll put vents at the bottom.

Just outlined the static events I’ve got so for example it could be like interview with dr. dark meeting with thin for cinema on bowling whatever it is just all of the stuff there and then what I’ll do is I’ll start adding tasks.
To this list so what I will primarily.

My notion this inside of my notion so I’ve got obviously my home here with all my stuff I will go to personal and goals now goals is pretty much my next two to three months of goals the things I need to get so they’re they’re.

Quite clear actionable stuff normally they’re titled with a number amount of things I need to do and at the bottom I’ve got statistics as.

Well ideal statistics or targets that I want to reach at the end of the month so you can see here for example on the key productive blog one of our goals is to reach 10,000 monthly visits unique visits so what I will do is I will slowly go down this list I’ll go okay let’s start with the top one.

I will write out across that week all of the tasks I can do towards that goal so for example in that case maybe I could go okay Monday I need to write two articles Wednesday I need to improve the UI of the website and Friday I need to develop a plan for promotional content of the website so you.

Get the idea I’m basically picking the goal from notion then what I’m doing is I’m applying it to this physical piece of paper in front of me and plotting it out so what I’ll do there is I’ll use a method from Mike body and I’ll use essentially he themes a day themes most of his days across this week so when I mentioned Monday Wednesday and Thursday Monday Wednesday.

Normally tasks a little bit more administrative or tasks that include writing where is for example I might be doing on Tuesday might be my make a day I’m just thinking of next week Tuesday’s my make a day Thursday’s my make a day which means that I’ll be filming content like this so that’s the reason.

I would plot them into those tasks and I would do that for the full goals list like launching two skill shares securing the sponsors and and even the weight goals and things like that and other forms of strategy I thought all my goals essentially I’ll just plan them all so that essentially once I finish.

This goal section I’ve got in front of me an outline of all of my tasks I need to get done that’s broken down from my goals for the month and also an event list of.

What I’ve gone on so what I’ll do then is I will then upload this to de l’Ouest I tend to start with this I just tend to start with a filter called plan highlight this is something I’ve only recently been doing so please don’t on this is the best method of doing it of course I’m just you know I’m as I was suggests I’m just sharing my process works for me but it might not work for you so you can cherry.