Working With Evernote | Ep 98 | How I Use Evernote Daily.

Weeks and that’s because I actually completed this one so I’m going to show you this one from last week because it’s completed so I’m just made that bit smaller so you can see that we’re not.

Right let’s just pull that one out so what I have is a table that goes all my social media.

Content for the week and I plan it out the week ahead so I’ve got here articles that I found interesting that I want to share with you I’ve also got the videos that I’m going to share so you’re gonna see all my little secrets here and also the blog post that I’ve written that.

I want to share and what I do on a Sunday is I actually write these out and usually put the hash tags so you can see here I put the hash tags in there so all I have to.

Do is essentially is copy and paste that into buffer.

And I can do them on a daily basis I also have other bits here so I always promote my podcast on a Monday and essentially this is where I spend a lot of the I’m I’m updating my weekly social media content so that’s one of the ones that I keep in there go back.

To current I’ve got my focus now as I mentioned weekly objectives plan I’ve been playing around with.

There’s a couple of other things in there I have all my think if it caused links here because these are some things that.

I reference I get a lot of emails for people asking me how do I even role in various courses that I’m doing so they’re all here I have my 2018 plans in here and I’ve got important links which again these are all related to stuff that.

I may need to share with people and essentially that’s where I’m spending most of my time I very rarely need to visit my.

Inbox because my inbox is something that I process at the end of the day and as I mentioned in the introduction what I’m using Evernote for is essentially as.

My digital filing cabinet so I have a lot of project.

Notes in here so for example if.

I was working on a project and I have one here my current project stuck here so let’s take the the time and life mastery book that.

I’m writing as those of you follow that using.

Table of contents that’s all here but I also have here I.

Got a course page idea so that gives me a course page for the online course I got the time and life mastery website which is again is here so that’s giving me all the details.

I’ve got stuff here from Evan speaker about a proven performance practices from billionaires and elite athletes so I a little bit of reference material so a lot of stuff is in here some of my notes are in here that are.

Just developing and other stuff that I’ve got that come from various other places so this is the project notebook and if I’m working on the book then I will actually have this open but for.

The large part I am spending pretty much all day in this current stack and I call it stack this current label because this is telling me what I am going to actually do for the day and it’s just my reference and I do all this planning on a Sunday cuz sunday is my planning day and it keeps me up to date and.

Then I don’t have to worry about it no matter how busy the week I am always in control and that’s essentially where I spend most of the day so this is something that you can think about when you’re building your own system in Evernote.

Is think about which ones you’re.

Gonna spend most of the day in which notes are really useful for the work that you’re working on that’s why I have this label this tag called current simply because these are the things that I know that I’m gonna need to reference pretty much every single day those of you curious incubator is just for thinking about things that I’m thinking.

And maybe we need developing WOD means word of the day this is for my language students content is essentially my todoist and I also keep my newsletter editions here because I always put a few things into my newsletter every week things that I’ve been reading I’m watching so.

Here’s you can see already I’ve already got some stuff in there this is where I keep the questions that I get for my podcast which I do every Sunday every Monday or Sunday depends where you are and various.

Ideas post videos and stuff that coming up these are where my Lissa and these are all connected to drafts on my phone so I can just add ideas as and when they come and that’s essentially it that’s how I’m using Evernote on a daily basis hopefully this has given you some ideas for yourself use the shortcuts they really are incredibly powerful but for me Evernote is my digital filing cabinet.

And it is also where I keep my current reference notes so that I can access them very quickly when I’m working on my laptop it’s used on a separate in fact it’s the same on my desktop which is a 27 inch mark I have this open on its own screen so.

I can just flick from screen to screen whenever I need to go into Evernote is such a valuable tool to me on a daily basis okay hopefully that’s giving you some ideas it just wish it just remains for me now to wish you all.

A very very productive week.