Forest Review | That Productivity App #1

The fall season since it as the day of this recording is fall also to you have real forests where you can you know donate all your coins 2,500 of them to donate ring trees and what I love about this app is hike with your high productivity.

Equals high return because or high reward man because it’s just awesome to like build trees and then have your like on like plan and then by the end of the day you can see since I tend to like undervalue myself I can see what have I done throughout the day it’s like a report card of what you have done throughout the day and I won’t feel so bad because hey if I took care of my body and least I read for number minutes at.
Least I space and Japanese at least I.

Studied for my own you know tests or exams where you like Cisco stuff and where this app shines the most is that you get plenty build friendships give back like I.

Said for the real force and also feel proud about you stay productive in the end I would rate.5 out of 5 stars because of the simple fact that like I said previously it’s fun high productivity equals high rewards so why not especially you can’t really focus.

And yes shiny objects all your way and stuff this app is really for you so check it out if you have the time Martians well margins this is Chanda Martian leaving for now and I will see you guys in the next video peace.