Forest Review | That Productivity App #1

Greetings my fellow Martians this dish and the Martian here to bring you guys a new series video called that productivity app let’s get into it many of you guys who’ve been watching my videos and everything like that you guys know that I’m a really big productivity guy and love staying productive and in this day and age we all.

Have distractions you know in our list right whether that’s social media Instagram used to be for me still is kind of but I have gotten better with it.
Whether that’ll be video games.

Anime or what have you you know coming books anything that’s shiny objects can’t distract us all but I have found a cure in a way for you guys because it has been for me and this productivity app that I.

Want to talk about in this video is called forest as you can see you.

Can cycle down and then your tree grows and also – you have different trees.

Hope you guys can see that and actually Martian is this is like the number one app that I use for my phone in order to stay focused on a specific task or just doing some martial arts training or some meditation and what this hat basically does it that it locks your phone.

Kind of maybe you can leave out of it but if you of course leave out of it then your tree will die but you don’t want.

Your tree to die right so basically for me for this app is everything so for this app you can just set the timer of how long you would.

Like to focus for me the general is 20 minutes which each task because the brain.

Can’t really focus more than you know 30 to 40 minutes or whatever without having to do something else so basically you just set.

This timer and you get to rock it and roll it this app right here has many different.

Features like of course before is that where you can track your daily progress this is the week for me I got a bunch of watermelons and all that type of stuff so and also you have time line where you can time line we can check all your times with.

What you spent throughout the day you have tags where you can sit like different tags a what your what tasks you’re doing friends I’m gonna really explore the full feature yet but we have a bunch of friends on your app that you see or check up.

On you see that they have been productive productive today even though you necessarily don’t you the force app if you can’t stay productive throughout your day and also too you can challenge your friends and stuff on how long they can focus how each of us can focus and if one gets off their phones.

Or whatever like leaves the app then all over all of our trees die which sucks I guess that’s probably the reason why people really create rooms of stuff I really want.

To see how it all plays out you have achievements where you can get like different metals get different money coins to buy trees and everything like that like if you focus seven days a week or whatever something like that and favorite part of that is the store at the store at Triet.

You can just wear you can just you know buy different trees and then have them as your like default of lender wanting to focus and everything like that just pretty awesome I love this tree right here this one just heartwarming especially for.