5 Evernote Setups For Everyone (including Gtd)

Next setup I like to call this the helicopter setup because it basically gives you a helicopter view over your team’s work so if we look at the notebooks I have set up here I have different.
Teams set up in different departments and now let’s.

Just say in this example that you are in a high level position where all of these teams report their data to you.

Maybe you’re a manager or maybe you’re an executive maybe you’re the owner of the company and to pull all that similar information together I’ve set up tags.

With data groups relevant to what you’re looking for so I have daily checklist key contacts meeting notes reports schedule.

And I’ve also added a tag for status whether.

It’s active completed or pending and as you can see here I’ve just thrown these data groups into my shortcuts panel and if I click on report I can see all the reports from all.

Of my teams this setup is ideally geared towards people who want to have access to all of their team’s notes but mainly want to focus on that high level information on a day to day basis and lastly we have our GTD setup now there are a handful of other GTD setups out there for Evernote that are a lot more complex than mine a lot more detailed but I decided to prioritize ease of use over complexity for this setup I’m definitely a supporter of the philosophy that just because.

Something is complex does not mean that it’s necessarily better or more effective there are plenty of things that are simple that get the job done just as well it’s not better than complex.

Systems I wouldn’t necessarily call this particular setup simple but it’s definitely a lot simpler than the other GTD setups out there so anyway moving forward I’m gonna start off with tags so most if not all of the GTD setups that I’ve seen have used notebooks and stacks for.

Areas and projects I’m doing it the complete opposite way I’m gonna be using tags for my areas and projects instead of notebooks.

And stacks honestly in my opinion it just makes way more sense to use tags for projects and areas because if you think about it how often.

Do you change an area or a project for a given note like if a note is clearly for your business or for your work that’s never ever gonna need to be in the personal area of your life and the only reason that I could see it now moving to a different project would be like if that project was put up in two sub projects like you’re not gonna one day look at.

Your exercise routine know it and be like hey I should move that to my project about taxes you know enemies.

Like areas and projects they’re just very static they’re not going anywhere and the nice thing about using tags for areas and projects is like once you tag particular note you’re like pretty.

Much done tagging that note for the history of that note any other definitely some cons for using tags for your areas and projects one of the biggest cons is you can’t share a tag with other people like you can with notebooks so if you’re gonna be collaborating with other.

People and sharing a lot of stuff I would just recommend creating a separate shared stack for all your shared notebooks and of course we’re using tags for our context right now the screen items have context for location and people what this is just.

An example so feel free to add more as.

You see fit all right let’s move on to notebooks so here is my notebook set up I have four stacks the first one being called capture and inside that stack I have inbox and reading and underneath that stack I have actions and we have our standard GTD actions we got focus later next scheduled some day and waiting below that we have the reference stack with.

Ideas and the wish list and below that we have the archive which has notebooks for completed dropped on hold and recurring so as I was saying before when I was talking about tags it doesn’t make sense to use notebooks and stacks as like folders for your projects in areas so since GTD is a very task.

Driven system and I’ve definitely seen and used my fair share of to-do lists apps that support the GTD methodology and the main thing that all these to-do lists and tasks apps have in common is having a sidebar containing a list of different stages for.

Your tasks so if we apply that design to Evernote our goal would be to mimic those to do us apps by being able to take a note and simply drag it to the next stage in GTD these are known as.

Actions being able to quickly track and drop a note to the next action just gives you more freedom to move forward with your projects and honestly just allows you.

To get more done at a faster pace now I’m.

Sure you’re wondering well why did I decide to use notebooks for actions instead of tanks I’m going to show you right now the main reason why so when you take a note and drag it over a tag it’ll add that tag to that note but every time you drag that note to another new tag Evernote will keep adding those new tags but all the.

Previous tags will still be on that note because tags are a one-to-many system meaning you can have one note with many tags never know it has no way of knowing whether or not you want to replace that tag with another tag all evernote is gonna do is just keep.

Adding the tags that you keep dragging the note to so as you can see here we have two different area tags on one note so now if you want to get rid of the old area tag now let’s just say hypothetically these are action tags you have to click on it and remove it which honestly is just a hassle imagine if you are using a to-do list app and you decided to schedule a task for next week instead of today and what if the app.

Thought you wanted the task scheduled for today and next week at the same time you.

Can see how that can start to get very confusing very soon but because notebooks.

Are a one-to-one relationship if we drag this note from focus to later you can see here that notebook was swapped out because and you know it inside Evernote can only be associated with one notebook which perfectly mimics a to-do list app now if.

You probably notice some of the actions in my action stack are out of order for example.

Next should be above later this is just because Evernote does not let you sort any custom manner now of course you could add numbers and I’ve seen a lot of people doing that honestly in my opinion the best solution for this problem.

Is to use shortcuts if you pop over to the shortcuts and our side panel here so unlike notebooks and tags evident lets you arrange your shortcuts in any order that you like so you don’t use any.

Special characters or any numbers just drag and drop and as you can see I’ve everything in order I have the inbox focus next later awaiting scheduled and some day so using shortcuts for GTD actions is a great way to mimic a to-do list app by having these stages for your notes in your left sidebar allowing you to keep your.

Notebooks and tags lists collapsed which honestly just cleans up your sidebar and allows you to focus on what matters and of course if you need to access anything else you.

Can just click on your notebooks or your tags list and find what you need so yeah that’s my setup for GTD inside of Evernote but yeah there’s definitely a lot of other complex GTD setups out there like I mentioned before but having said that this definitely is a very effective setup for Evernote.

It allows you to focus on what matters.

Most which is keeping your projects moving forward and by using notebooks for your actions instead of tags you’re gonna be saving yourself a lot of time in frustration in the long run hope you found this or any.

One of the other setups useful for your Evernote setup that’s it for this video thanks for.

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