5 Evernote Setups For Everyone (including Gtd)

Sure if you already created it and by using this method you can avoid creating two tags for the same project now the set up is mainly for notes and not really necessarily oriented for tasks but if you wanted to use your notes.
As tasks and you wanted to schedule them for.

Certain days just use every notes built-in reminder feature all you got to do is go over here to this clock and click on that I already have a reminder set so I’m is gonna.

Click Add as a date and I’m gonna collect it tomorrow and now you essentially schedule this note for tomorrow as if it were.

A task and you can see their minor is over here above your notes and while we’re at it why don’t we just add a couple more tags and as you can.

See by having the same character at the beginning of the grouping of tags they all show up at once I’m gonna go with high priority.

And let’s add a time requirement to this note as well and let’s just say one day and there you go that’s a minimalistic setup for Evernote not super complicated no notebook stacks just a small handful of notebooks small.

Handful of tags while taking advantage of evernotes built-in reminders this is just a simple way to get up and running with Evernote in a very short time and for our second set up we have the planner now the difference between this set up ami last set up that it showed you is that we’re gonna be using our notebooks for scheduling our notes and tasks so as you can see here I.

Have in my planner stack today this week this month and this year and of course we have some extra notebooks just in case you need them archived.

For completed tasks and notes and our resources that we just need to have on hand for reference so this set up is just a simple way to schedule your goals and deadlines by moving your.

Notes and tasks through each of these notebooks you could think of these notebooks like an actual timeline say you.

The today notebook you get those done well tomorrow you’re gonna want to drag notes from this week into the.

Today notebook for tomorrow and you’re gonna basically repeat this process over and over again so the set up loosely mimics a notebook planner.

Or a Gantt chart and let me go show you what I have for tags I have areas and I’m using the hash tag at the start of all my area tags.

Just so like before we can click on that hash tag when we’re adding a tag to a note and we will see all of our options drop.

Down and we have priority like we did before projects and time requirement and of course you can customize these tags to whatever suits your needs the only tags I would definitely recommend keeping would be the areas and.

Projects since your notebooks will be used for time planning so yeah this planner setup is just a really simple yet effective way to make sure you’re always moving forward with your goals and deadlines so I like to call the setup tag swap because you’re gonna be swapping your tags for your notebooks what does that mean so as you may or may not know inside.

Of Evernote you can only have a note in one notebook at a time if you take that note and you drag it to another notebook it will move from that one notebook to the next notebook power or wood tags this is not the case you can add as many tags as you want to a note now.

Ever now also has stacks which are groups of notebooks together now the problem stacks says you can only have one level they emulate physical notebooks in the real world so you can’t put a stack inside of a stack but back the tags again you can put tags.

Inside of tags and inside of tags and you can keep going and going which is fantastic so in reality tags instead of Evernote act more like folders than notebooks and stacks do so all we’re gonna do here in the setup is take advantage of how powerful tags are.

Inside of Evernote and as you can see in my notebooks page I have the inbox queue active and completed basically these are just the status or stages.

For your notes or your tasks and if we hop on over the tags list you can see here I’m treating these tags as if these were folders on a computer we.

Have our areas and then we have our projects inside of our.

Associated areas then we have some other associations like locations and people and we have specific locations inside that location tag and specific types of people under the people tag and then specific people inside of those specific people types and of course we have tags for scheduling and we have tags for time frame so if you try to.

Wrap your mind around the fact that we’re now looking at tags like folders and that we’re gonna be using tags as our main navigation you can see how powerful this set up could be because you might change your focus on what you’re looking for so let’s say for example you need to find receipts.

From January 2018 well all you have to do is just go in out of that time frame let’s click on that January 2018 tag and there.

You go you can find all of your notes inside of that quote tag folder but say you found your receipts and everything’s all good to go well now you want to start.

Working on things that are due today well go over to and click on the today tag or maybe you want to see everything for a given project not just the things in that project that are due today well they’ll just hop out of that tag and go into your project that you want to focus on now you can see all the notes for that project whether they are due today.

Or not so as you can see by using tags as folders you’re getting a little bit more context and hierarchy inside of Evernote this type of setup may especially be useful for people out there who are really.

Comfortable and familiar with sorting their files and folders on their computer and we’re inside an applicable Drive or Dropbox and I’ve added my scheduling tags to my shortcuts so I can just click right here to see everything that I need to work on today but of course if I want to see.

Everything that’s active I can go right down here and click on my act of notebook now feel free to get as complicated as you like with this setup I.

Minimal very simple just to demonstrate what you could do with tags instead of Evernote and yeah I hope you found this setup useful definitely let me know in the comments below now on to the.