5 Evernote Setups For Everyone (including Gtd)

Hey guys in this video I’m gonna show you five different ways to set up your Evernote so before we dive into the video I just want to let you guys know that there are five different setups in this video and I’m gonna be starting off with the easiest one first so if you find that the first setup is.

Too easy for you feel free to pause the video and jump down to the description and click.

On the time code for the next old setup alright let’s dive into it all right so I’m calling this the minimalist setup now people tend to use stacks as either areas in their life whether it’s their personal.

Work life or they’ll use stacks as projects and use notebooks as sub projects now in this example since I’m keeping it very minimal we’re not gonna use.

Any stacks and as you can see here I have the areas in my life I.

Have personal my side hustle you know making some money on the side nothing wrong with that and work and.

Of course we have our inbox for sorting and I know that notebooks do have a limitation to how many.

Notes can be in them but you know if you live in that minimalist lifestyle I guess you won’t have that many notes in the first place right just make sure you keep cleaning up those notes every week now let’s take a look at our tags if I go to the tags panel here we have priority projects and time requirement now you of course can play with us how you want I just.

Have these here as an example to show you what you could do you know to keep it minimal I only added a few so for priority that would be like you know if that note or task is a high priority we have medium priority and low priority sadly tags.

Sort by name or note count so you can’t sort tags in any order you want so to get around that I.

Put the exclamation point at the beginning of the tag name and obviously the more explanation points you add the lower on the.

List will go right people that we have projects and I’ve used the angle bracket in front of my project name just so that when I see that tag out in the wild on a note I’ll know that that is a project and we.

Have time requirement so I have five minutes ten minutes thirty minutes an hour a day and just like before with.

The priority levels I added the asterisks at the beginning of each tag the more asterisks you add the lower on the list it goes you know it’s nice about adding a character towards certain Koopa tags is the ability to see all the tags in a list when you’re adding one to a note let me.

Show you what I mean if I go to all notes here find a note we have fall checklist here it’s under the fall preparation but let’s say I wanted to add it to another.

Project all you have to do is.

Just type in that angle bracket and it shows me all the other projects all the other tags that have that angle bracket and in this case only my projects of that angle bracket so you know you could have say like 50 projects and all you have.

To do is just type that one character and you’re gonna boom have a long list of every single project that you might want to add and as you add more projects.

To your Evernote account you may forget what projects you have or maybe you already created it and you weren’t.