Things 3 Adds Mail Feature

Gonna say resume which is a shampoo brand in the UK and I’m gonna send that one off so as you can see in the Inbox something is popped up and just before we.

Jump into that one I want to clarify that before things 3.3 the reason why this is so beneficial is because you can now mail into things read or 3 and the real benefit of that is because previously.

The origin of entry only was the quick entry ability that they have Siri 3d touch and aunt two things extension so the actually ability to do this is a bit of a leap forward for the application now as you can see up top I’ve got the inbox and as you can see by new shampoo comes in as a task and all of that information below so it actually hasn’t taken my.

Email signature naturally as.

A long one it’s just taken is whatever the images and the URLs of the text is so that’s just.

Something to note that if you’ve got a email signature definitely worth noting it off now the real benefit is well is they’ve got some new workflow abilities so you can connect.

This up with the workflow application everything will be included inscription below you can attach it to the if2 t1 so for example if you create two dews from starred Gmail’s so for example.

If you have an email once on your dream and you star it and you want to make that into it.

To do that can be easy to be done in the FTT.

App and you can do a host of other ones for example create two dews from your Google assistant and there’s going to be a lot more on the makers profile so if you want to quickly set up.

Your own ones there’ll be some.

Support documents below to get access to that so that was a quick overview of how it all works it’s really as simple as that if you.

Share the email address with.

Other people you can get them to share tasks into your inbox and everything will go to your inbox I don’t think there’s any intelligent.

Input that brings it into there today but that’s really not too much of a.

Problem and say this is a minor update but something that actually opens things to re up into a lot of different areas and probably a leap forward that they definitely need it anyway guys I really hope you enjoyed this overview.

I hope it was short enough I hope.

Sweet enough everything will be in description below and I hope to see you in another video anyway guys make sure have a great week keep productive and I’ll see you guys very very soon.