Things 3 Adds Mail Feature

Hello everyone and welcome to the key productive YouTube channel if you are brand new welcome in fear regular welcome back so in today’s video what we’re going to be doing is diving into the things 3.3 update one of the biggest releases since its launch earlier in 2017 think Surrey is introducing a brand new feature allowing you to mail.

Into things now this is quite.

Impressive because there was only like one or two different ways to capture tasks as you go about your day and for ready to do.

This application that is a mine to experience so.

What we’re going to do is dive over to the laptop and show you all of the new brilliant things about things 3.3 know guys I really hope you enjoy this feature and conclude all of the videos I have on things.

Available in description and in the cards above so you guys could go away and sort of brief yourself about sort of the experiences you get if you.

If you haven’t subscribed yet it’d be great to have you hit that embel notification for brand new videos but.
Let’s just dive right into the update so here we are with the new things 3.
3 update I have just undated on the Mac App Store I did get early access to this one but it didn’t take full advantage of it meaning because I had two other videos to put out and I was too busy focusing on them so many apologies for the late feature the information.

Hopefully will be useful so as you can.

See this is things 3 up in the top left hand corner this is where you can start accessing the mail option so as you can see you’ve got preferences once you hit preferences you’ll go into the regular settings on things 3.

General obviously that’s all the information and then a tab called.

Things cloud now this is where you access everything the things cloud essentially works in the same way that iCloud does it helps you do sync across all of the devices you have things to read on and down here you can see a new section that says mail two things.

Three and all you have to do here is hit the manage option now it’s really simple once you enable this you can begin sending to dues to yourself forwarding emails in and sharing your address with other colleagues so.

That they can contribute you can also use ifttt services or other automation services something we’ll do and explain near the end of the video now as you.

They’ve noted that finals attachments that are not supported inside of this version as you can imagine files.

Would be a bit strange to be inside the order to do this but they’re probably something for the future you’ve got long emails that are limited so you’ve only got 2,000 character limit which all seems reasonable in Simon settings so.

Gonna enable this and as you can see your own aunt two things email comes up it’s pretty long one but it is a way for you to email in so once I copied an.

Address out or just to select it using copy and paste I can send a demo email in as you can see I’ve got a new compose window open and I’ve added that specific custom email address from things and I’ve added a title by new shampoo and I’m going to add some information below so I’m.